Get Your Fall Photos on Local on the 8s!

If you haven’t noticed, our gallery is bursting with stunning weather photos from around the world. Since fall just arrived, we know it’s going to get filled with hundreds of picturesque fall images of red, orange, and gold foliage. It wouldn’t be fair if we kept all those beautiful seasonal photos all to ourselves, would it? That’s why we want to feature some of the best fall images on The Weather Channel’s Local on the 8s!

To be in the running to be selected for our “fall” edition of Local on the 8s, submit your best autumn photos to our gallery. All entries will be reviewed and the lucky photographers that get chosen will be notified. Enter your fall photos throughout the entire season for the chance to be featured!

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  1. How will this work on directv for people who have LOCAL on the 8s configured? They just get a auto generated system (meaning no images), unlike the NATIONAL on the 8s.

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