Quiz: What Extreme Outdoor Job Best Fits You?

With the premiere of Top 10: Extreme Jobs this Sunday, we thought it’d be fun to put you to the test! Take the quiz to see what extreme outdoor job you qualify for…

If you want see more extreme outdoor jobs, be sure to check out The Weather Channel this Sunday at 9/8c!

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  1. Wind turbine technician? I DON’T THINK SO!!!!!!!! But I did enjoy TWC’s piece on this career.

  2. Avalanche Controller: You may have never heard of this job, but to be an Avalanche Controller takes an insane amount of bravery. Their job is to drop bombs on mountainous areas where avalanches are possible. They target weak layers of snow and create avalanches so nobody is injured or killed by an unexpected one. Avalanche Controllers are fearless and are concerned for the safety of others.

    Interesting… I am a dare devil but I feel like this is too much/would be boring… I’d prefer Broadcast Meteorologist or Storm Chaser…

  3. I got the unique recommendation of being a Smoke Jumper, how amazing is that!!! There are currently less than 500 smokejumpers in America because this job is so extreme. They jump out of a plane to areas that can’t be reached by fire truck, put out the wild fire then set up camp in case the fires flare back up or more pop up. They have to be bold brave and willing to risk their lives for the safety of others. Wow!!!

  4. it says im a avalanche controller,that would be a cool job to have for sure,as much as i love the snow

  5. I got wind turbine technician, even though I specifically said that I am afraid of heights….

  6. Ooooohhh! Avalanche controller! I could honestly see myself doing that; I love cold temperatures and have a profound fascination with Everest!

  7. Hi,l DL here . worked 36 years as railroad yard foreman,lots of climbing and walking,10 to 20 miles a day. As a youngster lived on and in the Ohio river.Swam daylight to dark summer and winter and many days my friends would swim from Neale island to Blennerhassett island which took hours of swimming and floating without touching land but I should like working on wind turbines. Think I will continue enjoying retirement.

  8. Crab Fisherman, Don’t think so. I hate being cold and not being able to warm up! But I live at 7000ft in AZ.

  9. Rescue Swimmer, I guess that is about right. I was a volunteer fire fighter and I do like helping others in need. I would love to work in Florida as a rescue swimmer.

  10. I got vulcanologist. This fits me. I moved to Oregon to be closer to the volcanoes.

  11. Mountain guide for me, even though I said I didn’t like heights. Maybe small rolling hills guide..?

  12. I got mountain guide. I love to do short hiking and walking is my second favorite activity in winter behind snow shoeing.

  13. I got Alaskan Crab Fisherman, O K, as long as I have calm seas or a flat ocean. 🎣

  14. Yep, even though I am 50 and a female! I got resurrect swimmer! I used to be. Lifeguard back in the day…I loved it! Now all I need to do is be able to jump from the skids of a helicopter into the water and that will be marked off my bucket list.😀

  15. Avalanche control. Hope they have sit ski since I am in a wheelchair.

  16. Wind Turbine Technician? Hmmmm….Never even considered it as a job, let alone a profession! Good thing I;m already RETIRED.

  17. I don’t really tolerate cold & snow & I got avalanche controller 😯😮

  18. Hmm I said I had a fear of heights yet it gave me wind turbine technician .. no way that fits me 😉

  19. I got rescue swimmer. Interesting since that job fascinates me. I have a great admiration for those people who serve as rescue swimmers.

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