Episode 119

The racial injustices experienced by millions of Americans have been brought to greater attention in recent weeks. Among those Americans are members of our scientific community who have endured their own instances of racial discrimination along their paths to success. Many have felt marginalized, placated, and that they are often not being offered the same opportunities as many of their fellow white colleagues. Joining me today are 3 incredibly talented atmospheric scientists: Dr. Brad Johnson, Dr. Melissa Burt, and Tevin Wooten. While we each have had great achievements in our careers, we have still felt the added pressures of working twice as hard to be considered equals in our respective fields. Our goal in this discussion is to share the stories of our personal challenges throughout our careers and offer a guide for others to know they are not alone. The Weather Geeks team is proud to offer their support to our minority colleagues and show that by embracing diversity and inclusion, we can be a stronger scientific community.