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The Ultimate Solar Eclipse Sweepstakes

You and a friend can be among the first to view the upcoming solar eclipse from a view unlike any other!

Enter your information in the form below for a chance to win a trip to view the total solar eclipse on August 21 from a chartered Alaska Airlines flight over the Pacific Ocean!  The full prize package includes:

  • Airfare for winner (and a guest) to Portland, Oregon from an Alaska Airlines hub
  • Airfare for winner (and a guest) on a special charter flight to view the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.
  • Two-nights accommodations in Portland, Oregon
  • $500 Visa Gift Card to cover additional expenses


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Enter between 7-21-17 and 8-7-17.

See Official Rules located at weloveweather.tv/eclipserules for eligibility requirements, prize descriptions and other terms, conditions and restrictions.

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  1. I would love to win this I am a travel agent and photographer I have spent all night trying to get that incredible amazing shot shooting stars El clips and met or showers my husband and I have never taken a honey moon we give up our vacation time to go spend it with his mother or time off for are children I never really won anything and boy this would be amazing and a memory that will last me for ever

  2. Not only should this trip avoid most potential weather problems, they could greatly extend the viewable length of totality by flying southeast. One thing I’d love to do in addition to this flight, would be to hang out on a boat in just the right spot in the northern Pacific Ocean, where the sun rises that day, ALREADY ECLIPSED. Eclipses, in general, really freaked out ancient man. Can you imagine how terrified they probably were to see the sun rise, with virtually no illumination??

  3. Never been to Oregon hear it in itself is gorgeous, but to be a first time there and to be able to see the eclipse, wow. I say wow.

  4. Would love to go and bring someone who lives in the D.C. area!!! That would be soooooo awesome to see!!!!

  5. This would be soooo cool!
    It would be one of those adventures that no one would even dream about having on their bucket list!

  6. There’s plenty of areas in Oregon to watch the eclipse, but from the air would be fantastic!!!!

    1. the best place to be is behind the Cascadian mountain range just to make sure the clouds don’t get too far east i think that would be the best spot. It usually is not the best of weather on the 21st in my area which is in The Mid-Atlantic and i would only be able to see a partial eclipse in that case.

  7. Hey, this might be a really dumb question, however, between research and my own ignorance on this topic I am unfamiliar with passports. Do you need to obtain one to take this trip? I know international flights require one, but whether or not this is considered as such I’m not sure.

    1. A passport would not be required. The flight originates and terminates within the U.S.

        1. Your welcome…hope the eclipse viewing goes great, even if you haven’t won the trip.

  8. Son’s B-Day just a few days away. Hope I win so we could both have fun together and have the experience of a lifetime. He really loves science and is a big fan of you guys. If we don’t win I’ll just have to find something else to celebrate his B-day but I know this would be the best gift I could offer him. best of luck to all!

  9. Recently lost my hubby to cancer. Our mantra was “Love you to the Moon and back and twice around the Sun!” I collect wind chimes that feature The Sun, The Moon and The Stars–hubby had that as a tattoo on his arm! We always loved watching the starry skies over our little place here in The Ozarks. In fact, I gave him a nice backyard telescope as a gift. Hoping there is a little divine guidance as the date of the drawing is August 9th–that was our wedding anniversary. It will be my first without him…

    1. It would be the ultimate item on my bucket list. The Aurora’s and a Solar Eclipse. That would be fantastic. For someone that works 6 days a week 12 hour shifts, it would be a blast to win. Good luck everyone!!!!! 😁

  10. I will be celebrating my 50th birthday on August 21st! So this would be so AWESOME to win! Keeping my fingers crossed!

    1. I will knock on wood for you to win right now (9:27 am, in Virginia Beach) so maybe that will help. Good luck! Okay, I just knocked on the wood TV tray table where I am sitting right now.

  11. Would love to win this and bring my 14 year old son. He loves all things weather!!

  12. This would be an Awesome Advanture- Once in a Life Time ! 😎👍

  13. What a great sweepstakes! Thank you for the chance to go back to Portland. I lived there for years and miss it terribly.

  14. I would luv to go never get to go anywhere since my son passed away on Christmas Day last year 😢

  15. Would love to travel to Alaska to see the eclipse. Living on the East Coast is beautiful but now that the kids have grown, it’s time to go on adventures

    1. It’s in Portland, Oregon, not Alaska. you just go there on an Alaska Airlines flight.

    2. My wife and I would have to drive for 4 hours to the nearest Alaska Airlines route point in North Carolina, but it would be the experience of a lifetime.

  16. Wishing “Good Luck” for everyone! I am not into planes, or ships. I do like to see photographs, and love to read books.

  17. I am a disabled veteran from the Air Force and would LOVE to win. Would be a trip of a lifetime and having been a mechanic on planes I love flying and to see the eclipse at 35,000 feet would amazing!!

    1. It’s in Portland, Oregon, not Alaska. you just go there on an Alaska Airlines flight.

  18. I am passionate about following the weather and I also love studying the sky – especially the night sky. My husband has taught hundreds of students Astronomy over the years and I would love to surprise him with this trip!!

  19. My son has been dying to go here for years. Never been to Oregon nor could we ever afford it. Hope we win as it would be a fabulous trip for the both of us. 🙂

  20. Don’t have a story. I’m just a mother of 6 grandmother of 8. I think myself as blessed but it would be an amazing experience that I wouldn’t be able to experience any other time.

  21. Just putting my name in the hat. Hope that I win since I’m a photographer, and can share my experience with others.

  22. As a retired Navy man, would love to soar to new heights with Alaskan Airlines and visit beautiful Portland.

  23. I will be dead by the time the next eclipse comes, so I would love this experience.

  24. Just turned 65 and looking for a grand party in Oregon. I am a widow and my husband was into stars and planets with his telescope and he would have loved this chance. Great sweepstakes to enter need a partner to share with pick a single gentleman also!!!!

  25. What an amazing experience this would be. I’m a science teacher and this would be so wonderful to bring to the classroom.

  26. A once in my lifetime experience! Would love to catch it in the most beautiful place on earth

  27. I am not going to submit an entry, because I live in the most beautiful place to watch from. I live on the Oregon Coast and will have a front row seat. Good luck all.

  28. This is an opportunity of a life time. I would love ❤️ to Go

  29. I’d love to go! I’m very poor so I couldn’t possibly afford it.

    1. if i win id love to take my 3 year old but id be kinda. scared never been off the ground

      1. I think the worst thing about flying is BEFORE you actually board the plane! Security checks, waiting, finding the right gate.. ugh. The flying part is FUN!!! If you take your 3 yr old, take gum to chew on- air pressure changes can be uncomfortable for the ears.

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