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We Love Weather’s Earth Day Pledge

Earth Day is a special day for everyone who appreciates and respects Mother Nature. As our society continues to search for ways to protect our planet, we wanted to give a special green gift to our We Love Weather family. The first 500 respondents will receive a special reward for pledging to continue to make strides to protect Earth. No matter if your contribution to environmental protection is big or small, we appreciate you taking the time to make your pledge!

The first 500 fans to submit their information and pledge to take care of Earth will receive a special gift from The Weather Channel!

By submitting your entry, you pledge to do your best to make our planet more sustainable for you and for future generations.

*Address to be used to ship prizes to winners only.

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  1. I’m in the HVAC industry. I hold a universal EPA card for refrigerant. I follow all standards, guidelines, rules, laws, etc. set by the EPA.

  2. My Least favorite is Dr. Navarro – no personality and with all the OTHER experienced meteorologists available, she was and is not required! Love Carl Parker and Alexandra Steele!

  3. I am a firm believer in reduce, reuse and recycle. I have always recycled. I take reusable bags for shopping. I plan my errands for the week by direction to save gas and pollution. I eat about 90% vegetarian. I use my leaves for mulch. I clean with baking soda and vinegar, as it is better for the environment and it saves money! I use an old-fashioned push lawn mower. My bird feeders and bird bath in the backyard are very busy, as I love nature. We only have one planet and we need to protect it. Barb

  4. I’ve been recycling for over 20yrs+.N have been teaching my kid’s n grandkids to do the same.We only have 1 earth so take care of it.

  5. I’m the ‘trash-picker-upper’. Hate seeing garbage lying around, knowing it’s going to end up in the streams & rivers around here. Then on to the Gulf..? No- No- No!

  6. I Have recycled as long as I can remember, both my Parents, while not fanatical, have always been quite environmentally conscious. My Wife and I recycle and reuse as much as possible and try to buy from local growers, use local apiaries for honey and Citrus and other indigenous tropical fruits and certain veggies we grow around the house if we can. Donate to highly reputable and thoroughly researched Animal and environmental charities, and year round help with clean up situations and with local Water monitoring here in South Florida.

  7. Back on the original Earth Day on March 21st and April 22nd 1970, I pledged to do all I could to protect the planet we live on. Since that day I have picked up trash whenever and wherever I could including from a kayak off Point Reyes CA ( pulled over by the Coast Guard who thought I was dumping I had so much trash in my kayak ) and many other remote areas in Baja California and Hawaii.

    My family is down to one garbage bag of landfill trash once a month.

    And when I come across environmental violations I report them here;

    I have observed the weather for 53 years now and will continue to do so.

    Happy Earth Day to the Earth and everyone who lives on the Earth!

  8. I was recycling long before it was fashionable to do so…In fact my recycling bin has more in it every week than my trash container does…Most times I only put the trash out once a month because there isn’t that much of it….

  9. It all comes down to using common sense. You shouldn’t need to be told that throwing away plastic bottles is bad and recycling is good. Tune in to what’s real and what really matters and put the Mother first.

  10. I work with children in day care so every Earth Day we walk around the neighborhood and pick up litter. We explain how important it is to recycle and take care of the earth. It is our hope to pass on good habits while the children are young. They love pitching in and doing something good for our earth!

  11. I recycle as much as our carter will accept. For large electronics, I drive these to our large recycling center. I like feeling like I am helping to keep our environment healthy.

  12. We use Grocery Store bags and put our newspaper and junk mail in the garbage, except last week put the newspaper into a neighbors recycle bin

  13. I use way too many paper towels! I am going to use cloth towels whenever possible. I am also going to continue petitioning Houzz to feature eco friendly products year round, not just on Earth Day!

  14. Been recycling since 1975! I’ve also planted native plants, help in resource management restoration, and educate others as to why it’s important to do so.

  15. I have recycled for decades, long before it was cool. I am a gardener and have two compost piles which get empty every year on the garden for mulch. I burn my own wood which is harvested off my own property and usually dead!

  16. I use only organic natural fertilizers and pesticides. Also, earth friendly biodegradable soaps and detergents. Living on a lake, this is especially important.

  17. I stopped eating meat and dairy on 3/4/2016…Animal agriculture is responsible for destruction of 91 % of the Amazon rainforest,51 % of Climate Change….# 1. Water polluter…ETC..As per Howard Lyman”Don’t call yourself an environmentalist if you consume meat and dairy””

  18. I have recycled for decades…I have used my own bags for shopping ever since the first Earth day.
    I combine errands, so I avoid unnecessary driving.
    We live within a few miles to most stores, so that saves on driving as well.
    Our 2012 Hyundai Veloster which we bought new, has only 14,000 miles on it. 😊
    We are vegetarians plus fish.
    Our snow blower & lawn mower are both rechargeable electric.
    We do everything we can to conserve & be responsible.

  19. I recycle what I can, my mower mulches up the grass so it goes back into the ground as fertilizer

  20. Always making an effort to reduce or eliminate the use of CFC and hcfc’s in the environment.

  21. I recycle, reuse, and my backyard is certified as a wildlife habitat 🙂

  22. We try to keep our area clean from any trash – we recycle when possible – plant lots of different vegetables, flowers, bushes. Try to pick varieties of wildflowers to help the bees…all kinds of good things for our earth, and ourselves!

  23. We too have been recycling for a very long time, before it became “the thing to do” 😊 Waste not……

  24. Community recycling next week…paper shredding, electronics, paints, “white” goods etc. can’t wait!

  25. Been a vegetarian happily for over 30 years, and consume as little ‘stuff’ as possible and I live in NYC where I can take public transportation everywhere.

  26. Where I live, the recycling is picked up and put in the trash truck. That is why I deliver my recycling personally to the recycling plant!

  27. I have recycled forever, long before it became most people’s habit. My yardman uses right level cutting and environmental kind products. I grew up on farm so learned young to respect nature.

  28. I have been recycling long before NYC made it mandatory. Today I am getting rid of an old computer and will bring it to a sanitation site by bicycle. I want future generations to inherit a clean earth

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