Women in Weather: Dr. Erika Navarro

This week we are celebrating the wonderful women at The Weather Channel! Not only are they strong and smart scientists, but they are also an inspiration to millions of females who are, or will be, in STEM fields.

Dr. Erika Navarro is an on-camera meteorologist for The Weather Channel, who joined the network from the University of Washington where she received her M.S. and Ph.D in Atmospheric Sciences.

Her Ph.D. thesis focused on hurricanes, and how changes that take place during the daylight and evening hours affect their overall intensity.

Originally raised in Piscataway, NJ Dr. Navarro began her weather journey at Wellesley College where she studied physics and Spanish. Throughout her graduate education, Dr. Navarro served as an intern at The Weather Channel where she supported the expert team throughout the 2013 and 2014 hurricane seasons.

We asked The Weather Channel’s female on-camera meteorologists to answer questions about their fellow co-worker, and this is what they had to say about the incomparable Dr. Erika Navarro!

1. What do you admire most about Dr. Erika Navarro?
I admire Dr. Navarro because I remember when she interned at TWC. She could’ve easily gotten a job with just her bachelor’s degree, but she went on to get her doctorate. When she returned to The Weather Channel, she knew the science extremely well, and I was amazed at how quickly she took to TV, and was able to explain and convey the weather stories so well to our audience. – Kelly Cass

2. What’s something you’ve learned from Dr. Erika Navarro?
Dr. Navarro is one of the smartest people in the building! It’s amazing to hear about her research on tropical cyclones (stay tuned for hurricane season!). – Alex Wilson

3. How is Dr. Erika Navarro an inspiration to other females interested in weather and science?
She’s an inspiration because of her eagerness to share her passion. Whether you talk to her in person or see her on TV, you know you’re going to be smarter for it. Dr. Navarro is that great combination of brains and relatibility. – Maria LaRosa

4. What makes Dr. Erika Navarro unique?
Dr. Erika Navarro is one of few female hurricane specialists that I know. She has a great passion and understanding of the science and works hard to help communicate that to our viewers. – Jen Carfagno

5. Why is Dr. Erika Navarro an integral part to The Weather Channel family?
Dr. Navarro is an integral part of The Weather Channel family because it’s important to show girls and women they can be science boss ladies too! – Stephanie Abrams

6. Dr. Erika Navarro is a role model in the meteorology field because…
She is not only a great speaker, but also a great teacher, with a real knack at genuinely connecting with people. – Liana Brackett

How many female meteorologists do you know that have a Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences and can communicate clearly and efficiently during high-stress situations like hurricanes? Probably not many. That’s why The Weather Channel is beyond lucky to have Dr. Navarro as a part of the team!

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  1. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, I appreciate that you studied Spanish in both high school and college. ¡Qué excelente! If you were to offer classes related to weather, then I would sign up at once to be one of your pupils. When hurricane season arrives, you are the first meteorologist that I turn on my television to listen to. Your zealotry for both weather and science inspires me a lot. I wish there were more women not only in weather but also across STEM-related fields. You are the master of hurricanes at The Weather Channel. I am proud to watch and listen to you on TWC. Keep it up! #5starrating 😀

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