The Country is Freezing and Everyone is Losing Their Mind

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve definitely noticed how ridiculously cold it’s been outside lately (and if you know someone who has been living under a rock, um, well, it’s probably time you check on them). Even people who love cooler temperatures think this current blast of bone-chilling air is a bit too much to handle. How are people coping with it? Here are a few examples:

Some people are turning to science…

…others are turning to laughter.

Some people are just taking it all in…

…others are planning on never going out.

Some people are taking time to reflect on their appliances…

…others are taking time to reflect on themselves.

And others are thinking we’re all ridiculous 🙂

We want to know how you’re dealing with the freezing temperatures! Tell us what you’re doing in the comments!

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  1. Enjoying this weather in Middle TN even if below freezing after spending past decades in 115+ summers in AZ..😎

  2. Yep is cold, but what are you going to do about it, it’s only Winter folks.

  3. We are burning fires in fireplace and working jigsaw puzzles. Even the dogs
    Did not want to walk this AM!! Wayne, NJ

  4. Its so cold that…
    ….Im actually buying the premium sunflower bird seed. The birds are out of their frozen little minds with joy! Come’n get it!

  5. I keep repeating to myself, “this freezing cold is killing mosquitoes, ticks & fleas”, to keep from thinking about my heating bill!

  6. It’s not a bad winter till we have another frozen Ohio River like happened in the 70’s. You know we used to have winter winters not the tropical winters we have had the past decade or two or three. This cold winter has been needed for a long time and people need to thankful for it. Granted some places are having a winters winter, and they are really lucky even if they hate it. We don’t need to be so complacent and having warm winters makes us forget what winter is supposed to be like in most of the USA. I don’t like being cold any more than anyone else, but I do like the seasons to be what they are supposed to be.

  7. We live in northern Wisconsin near the border with the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. As for the cold temps, welcome to winter. Like southern folks and the miserable humidity in the South during the summer, people in the North just get used to the cold temps here in the winter.

  8. Can I just say about TWC its staff and the crews that made it happen for winter storm Grayson; there has never been better coverage of a winter storm by anyone ever!

  9. Where I live in Pa., the landlord is very stingy when it comes to turning up the heat. So I turn on my space heater, AND put a pot of hot water, simmering on the gas stove. The cold-hearted office manager said if she catches anyone with the gas on, they will be fined! How do you like that?! Recently I was fined for a ridiculous reason! I won’t say for what because I want to remain “anonymous”.It was completely unfair!. They don’t care that I’m an elderly widow!

  10. Ok so anybody who doesn’t know that we are into the end of days, must have been living under a rock. Come on now, 44 degrees in Alaska, melting Polar Caps, & snow in Florida!!. Ijs.

  11. From viewing all this I’m greatful I live in Texas. But we’re suffering here too! When it’s freezing outside I stay inside at all times if possible and turn on a space heater or get under some blankets. If we put the heat up too high it’s suffocating so we can’t do that. It’s a struggle.

  12. #ItsSoCold that police in Louisiana have issued a $100 million reward for anyone who can capture Queen Elsa from the movie “Frozen”. 😀

    1. I saw on f/b where the police did “arrest” her. Took her away in handcuffs. Stay warm!

      1. Bad girls, bad girls, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do about this freaking cold?! #copssongabouthecold 😀

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