What Concerns Craig Fugate, FEMA’s Last Administrator

Ah, remember the good ole’ days when we actually had a FEMA Administrator. You know, the person in charge of emergency management and response when our nation faces a natural disaster or other event requiring emergency response. At the time of writing, there has been no FEMA, NASA, or NOAA Administrator appointed. All three of these agencies have aspects that are important to anyone that loves, depends on, is vulnerable to, or follows the weather. The country continues to face potential tornadoes, floods, wildfire, and other types of disasters. We are also on the verge of the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season.

While I know these agencies have interim leadership in place, it is not the same. Strong and decisive leadership are vital when the nation is facing a Joplin tornado, Baton Rouge flood, or Hurricane Matthew. If you need an example of why, just review the challenges after Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. We need a FEMA Administrator now and this story explains why.

Thankfully, the most recent FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate is a very good friend of the show Weather Geeks. He has been on the show remotely a couple of times but never actually in the Weather Channel studios. We invited him to the studios recently for a wide-ranging discussion of weather disasters, emergency management, and the things that he worries about now post-Administration life. Craig is always one of my favorite guests because he “keeps it real” at all times and has a very good feel for the public need and the government policy “mumbo jumbo.” I think that he is arguably the most effective FEMA Administrator in history, and you will see why if you watch Weather Geeks Sunday.

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  1. “Stop writing flood insurance policies for new construction”, wouldn’t that mean the END of new construction for southern La.? What an impact That would be!