Women in Weather: A Week to Celebrate Female Empowerment

started by AndyMoserWX, March 26, 2018
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    I am ecstatic that we are celebrating the wonderful women at The Weather Channel all week long!  Now is the time to admire everything that #womeninweather have shown for a long time.

    These stalwartly astute women are not only world-class scientists, but also praises to millions of females who are, or will be, in STEM fields.  Those zealously fierce women elevate the science, the communication, and the joy of our ever-changing weather.  Those women further lead the way for future female meteorologists who want to be called “meteorologists” and nothing else.

    To all the women at The Weather Channel, including @stephanieabrams@liana-brackett, @haleybrennan, @dewpointdiva, @kcass, @maria-larosa, Dr. @twcerikanavarro, @kathrynprociv, and @alexwilson, I thank you sincerely for your masterful A+ expertise.

    I further appreciate your ingeniously inventive weather-related language, your passionate eagerness, and your magnificent prowess.  You are all not only superb mentors but also awesome role models.  That applies not only to weather geeks like me but also a generation of females ready to enter the STEM fields now.  #STEMpower

    Please let all those #womeninweather like you inspire a generation of women who want to become meteorologists like you are.  Thank you!  #wxgirlsrock 😀

    —Andy Moser, Woodward, OK

  • Yeah! Girls can do anything, especially weather like the Weather Channel Gals who rule this meteorological world! Thanks WX Channel females, for showing just how amazing weather and girl power can be!

    👩 #yougogirl #ladythunder #girlsrule

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      @weatherwizard109, amen to that my spud!  Women in Weather Week shows that females can not only rule this meteorological world but also serve as the future leaders of meteorology.  Females always have a right to teach us weather geeks about meteorology.  Let that be a lesson for everyone to learn.  #girlpower #ladiesrule 😀

  • I concur. The ladies at TWC Stephanie Jenn ALex Leana Kelly Maria and all of the others are supersmart and supersassy! It makes watching the weather channel doubly fun. You go ladies! Its not just a man’s world anymore weather-wise. ANd I’m sure the guys could learn a thing or two about meteorology from these women. Weather or not they’d like to admit it. (Pun intended!) Happy spring America! 🙂

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      Yes, the superbly smart and superiorly sassy ladies at TWC make watching weather not only doubly fun but also fascinating.  We need more females to become meteorologists now.  Dr. @twcerikanavarro, who has earned herself a Weatherperson’s Ph.D., is a perfect example of that.  #girlpower #wxladiesforever 😀

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