Winter Storm Names 2018–2019

started by AndyMoserWX, September 19, 2018
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      #StormAli, the first named windstorm 🌬 of the 2018–2019 European windstorm season, hit parts of both the United Kingdom 🇬🇧 and (Republic of) Ireland 🇮🇪 on September 17–19.  It has directed me to ask this question. 🤔

      Dr. @tniziol, what are the 2018–2019 winter storm names for this winter?  When does The Weather Channel release those names?  I would love to see you release the names by my birthday, if not sooner.  That would be a wonderful gift from you.  #winterisuponus #timetonamewinterstormsagain 😀

      My next post lists some of my favorite names from the past and includes some names that I would like to see TWC use someday.  Thank you!  #wxwinternaming 🌨🌬❄️

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      @haleybrennan and Dr. @tniziol, I propose to both of you a list of twenty-six (26) names for the 2018–2019 winter storms.  Please consider this list that I have put together.  Enjoy!  #timetonamewinterstormsagain 😀

      • Akka: from Finnish mythology; the goddess of fertility who was also the female side of nature; her name means “old lady”; Ukko was her husband
      • Balius: from Greek mythology; an immortal horse who was an offspring of both the harpy Podarge and the west wind, Zephyrus; his name means “dappled”
      • Cura: from Roman mythology; the goddess who created the first human and whose name means “care” or “concern”
      • Deva: masculine form of the Sanskrit word Deva, meaning “heavenly”, “divine”, or “anything of excellence”
      • Egoi: minor divinity among the Basques associated with the south wind
      • Flidais: from Irish mythology; the goddess of both cattle and milking
      • Geraint: Welsh form of the Latin name Gerontius, meaning “old man”
      • Hina: from Hawaiian mythology; the goddess of the Moon
      • Invictus: Latin word for “unconquered”, “undefeated”, or “invincible”
      • Jason: ancient Greek mythological hero who was the leader of the Argonauts whose quest was for the Golden Fleece
      • Kveta: Czech word meaning “flower” or “blossom”
      • Liber: from Roman mythology; the god of viticulture and wine, fertility, and freedom; Latin word meaning “the free one”
      • Morgan: Celtic name of Welsh origin meaning “sea chief” or “sea defender”
      • Nomos: from Greek mythology; the daemon of laws, statutes, and ordinances
      • Orelon: African word meaning “ear”; also honors Orelon Sidney, freelance meteorologist at TWC
      • Poseidon: one of the Twelve Olympians in ancient Greek mythology; god of both the Sea and other waters; his name means “lord of the earth”
      • Quita: Spanish word meaning “little girl”
      • Ryota: Japanese word meaning “clear” or “refreshing”
      • Sigrid: Old Norse name meaning “beautiful woman who leads to victory”
      • Toros: Armenian form of the Greek name Theodoros, meaning “gift of god”
      • Unxia: from Roman mythology; minor goddess of marriage concerned with anointing the bridegroom’s door; she was the surname of Juno
      • Vici: part of the Latin phrase Veni, vidi, vici, meaning “I came; I saw; I conquered”
      • Waldron: German name meaning “mighty raven”
      • Ximena: Mexican form of the medieval Basque name Xemen, meaning “hearkening” or “he has heard”
      • Yaron: Hebrew word meaning “to sing or shout”
      • Zayne: American form of the Arabic name Zayn, meaning “beauty” or “grace”

      The proposed winter storm names for the 2018–2019 winter endeavor to go around the world.  12 male names, 12 female names, and two neutral names comprise this list.  Season seven of naming winter storms by TWC is ready to commence.  #winteriscoming 🙂

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        @haleybrennan and Dr. @tniziol, here is an explanation of the OFFICIAL list of the 2018–2019 winter storm names for this winter.  I am excited to name winter storms again!  #happywxgeek 😄

        • Avery: Old English surname meaning “elf ruler”
        • Bruce: Scottish surname meaning “from the town of Bruis”; refers to the town of Brix in northwestern France 🇫🇷
        • Carter: Middle English surname meaning “one who uses a cart”
        • Diego: short form of Santiago, the Spanish name meaning “Saint James”; Latinized as Didacus, who derives from the Greek word didache, meaning “teaching” 🇪🇸🇬🇷
        • Eboni: African-American variant of Ebony, meaning “dark black-wooded tree”
        • Fisher: cognate of the German occupational name Fischer, meaning “fisherman” 🇩🇪🎣
        • Gia: short form of the Italian name Gianna, meaning “God is gracious” 🇮🇹
        • Harper: Old English surname that belonged to a person who either played the harp or made harps
        • Indra: ancient Hindu warrior god of both the sky and rain 🙏⛰☔️
        • Jayden: American form of Jaden, meaning “thankful” or “he will judge” in Hebrew ✡⚖
        • Kai: Hawaiian word meaning “ocean” or “sea” 🏝🌊
        • Lucian: English and Romanian form of Lucianus, meaning “light” 🇷🇴💡
        • Morgan: Celtic name of Welsh origin meaning “sea chief” or “sea defender”
        • Nadia: Slavic transcription of the name Nadya, meaning “hope”
        • Oren: Hebrew word meaning “pine tree”
        • Petra: Greek word meaning “rock”; feminine form of the name Peter; she was also the name of an ancient city in the region that is now Jordan 🐚🇯🇴
        • Quiana: African-American variant of Qiana, meaning “singer”
        • Ryan: Irish surname meaning “little king” 🇮🇪👑
        • Scott: English and Scottish surname that refers to either a person from Scotland or a person who speaks Scottish Gaelic
        • Taylor: English surname meaning “one who tailors clothes”
        • Ulmer: German surname meaning “famous wolf” 🇩🇪🐺
        • Vaughn: Welsh surname meaning “little” or “small”
        • Wesley: Old English surname meaning “west meadow”
        • Xyler: Medieval Basque variant of Zilar, meaning “silver”
        • Yvette: French feminine form of the name Yves, meaning “yew” 🇫🇷
        • Zachary: Hebrew word meaning “remembered by God”; derives from Zacharias, a name used in most English versions of the New Testament 🕍📖

        What a terrific list of winter storm names The Weather Channel put together this season!  Let us beware of whatever Mother Nature throws at us this winter.  #winteriscoming 🤓❄️🌨☃🌬

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        Wow, just wow!

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      I like the names. They hopefully will bring us snow packs for summer water and not create massive chaos in the process.

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        @jeanniem, amen to that!  I hope that Winter Storm #Caitlyn is on the list of winter storm names next year.  Maybe she dumps a colossal snowstorm Caitlyn Jenner and tells her to shut up?  #trannywinterstorm ❄️🌨🌬

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      Speaking of winter weather Bruce is a Blizzard now !


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        @justinc, the former middle name of Caitlyn Jenner, Blizzard #Bruce is on his way towards both Chicago and its suburbs.  I expect visibilities to be zero at times, snow drifts to be up to five feet high, and wind gusts up to 50 mph through tomorrow morning.  All Chicagoans, please stay safe and remain updated.  #transgenderwinterstormishere 🌬🌨🌫❄️📺📻

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        I live in Illinois as well and we are under a full blown blizzard warning with 50mph gusts and 6″ of snow.

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      Our first winter storm is hitting my beach today. Wind, rain and high waves. Luckily we won’t have snow flakes blasting us. Unfortunately there’s enough moisture to continue east and transform into snow for the folks to the east.

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      Well, its weather at its finest. Be prepared!

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