started by tyler.metcalf, December 14, 2016
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      Could Keyser, WV Get A Big Ice Storm Friday Night Thru Saturday Morning? 🙂

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      Oh yes.  We are still watching the exact timing and how deep that cold air gets before it changes to snow, but WV has a good chance of a major ice storm!

      What you want is snow, not freezing rain though!

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        Ok Thanks so much and please keep me updated sir 🙂

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        Well Ice Is Very Pretty Tho Lol and Omg I am 16 too and love the weather a lot but severe weather is my thing lol 😉

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        Ice is really pretty as a light glaze to me.  However when you start getting that heavy glaze with a wind factor on trees, it really becomes a serious issue.  That also happens when it gets on the roads and sidewalks.
        With snow, that doesn’t happen.

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      My Phone Number is 304-209-9646 so just text me to keep me updated please on any winter weather for my area not Just From Winter Storm Decima 🙂


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        No phone right now my friend, but you can email me at:



        Or follow me on twitter @RazorHog13


        Have a good day my friend!



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