Will it ever snow here???

started by grapes, December 12, 2016
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      I am in Jacksonville NC. (the outer banks) It gets down in the 30’s here once in a while, but there is never any precipitation that comes with it! Will it ever snow here? I would love to see a white Christmas.

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      North Carolina is going to get snow eventually.  It’s a little early still for some significant snowfall there, but I am sure there will be a low pressure system mixing with some arctic air soon in Jan. or Feb!


      As far as a White Christmas goes, I have some bad news :(.  Those are very rare in North Carolina, but they are possible!  I once lived in Hot Springs, Arkansas and we got one with over 2 feet of snow back in 2012!  And that is near South Arkansas!  So, while unlikely, it is possible!  Keep hoping!

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        That’s too bad, but thanks for telling me!

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      It’s a struggle in Boston let alone Jacksonville NC.  Many winters of recent have featured little in the way of Dec snow.  The climate appears to have shifted.  A White Christmas looks unlikely in the Boston area.

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        Not so fast my friend!

        A massive winter storm is developing out West right now!  This is going to bring big time snows to the Northeast this Weekend!  Behind that, there is going to be bitter cold!  Don’t count Boston out just yet 😉

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