Why does it seem like almost everyone is complaining

started by Weathergeek666, April 21, 2019
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  • Why does it seem like some of the WLW members seem to send a lot of their time on WLW complaining? WLW should be a place where people who love weather can talk, learn,see pictures, and hear stories about weather not complaining about the local on the 8s or how one of the meteorologist hair is in their face.

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    right bro they cant just be pleased with weather are that we weather lovers have this site

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      I love the weather and always have–which is why I am sad that such a good weather network for weather lovers was stripped down of what made it so good in the first place.

      Weather geeks like me would watch at 3 AM and see live coverage, or a local forecast that had air quality and tide information. If you’re a true weather fan, you would have valued and appreciated that, and you should be angry that they took it all away.

      I will always love weather, but I will not support the horrendous changes made to this once great channel.

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    I’m with you kvanbe1.  Been watching TWC a LONG time.  I even miss Vivian Brown, that’s how long.  But at least the local weather was something I could depend upon.  When the tornado ripped through Albion, Pennsylvania, years ago, we watched the storm clouds building to our south, then raced into the house to check out the local radar.  The local radar is no longer offered on TWC.  I guess we’ll just have to hope our phones alert us of weather dangers.  Of course, the last time my phone’s alarm went off to warn us of a threatening storm, we were already being drenched and blown off our feet!  I know TWC is aware of their audience’s anger and frustration.  They know that if the only ones left to watch the channel are the fans of Storm Stories and Highway thru Wherever, then their advertisers will disappear like hailstones in August.  What concerns me is that the problem seems to be beyond either their technical or financial ability to resolve.  Does “Local on the 8’s” cost too much?  Is there no one with the expertise to bring it back?  It’s a mystery, to be sure.

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    Good news – the Local on the 8s has been restored to twice an hour. Better than none!

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    I don’t know how it is in other parts of the country, but here where I am, if there is a major severe weather event happening. all of the local channels go to weather until the threat is over.  I would much rather watch this because they receive info from local storm chasers and are more up to the minute in their coverage.  Just saying . . . .


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