Why do you love weather?

started by WeatherWizard109, April 10, 2018
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    • What is your ( this is NOT a real trend, but it should be) #itsamazingoutthere moment?How did it happen? Did it make you feel conflicted? Basically, when did you love weather? Comment below:

    • My love for weather started as a kid growing up in the San Francisco Bay area.

      Summer somtimes meant a visit to s.w. Missouri, and amazing times spent on my aunt and uncle’s farm. So, the stage is set for seeing thunderstorms( Up close and personal! ). I remember standing in the yard, watching in amazement as thunderheads boiled up before the first crackle of lightning, and the teeth rattling boom of thunder. Fascination, fear, and respect, along with the hint of realization of how small I was, in the Grand Scheme of things. A lot for a nine year old(future weather geek) to digest, but I did!

      So there you have it. The seed was planted, and continues to this day……….

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      I think I’ve always had a fascinating with the weather. As a kid I loved a windy day, a good thunderstorm, lightening and thunder never scared me, just provided entertainment. Seeing a couple of tornadoes from, thankfully, a safe enough distance was added fuel for my weather addiction. If I had it over to do, I’d be a meteorologist. As it is, I’m just an old gal with an eye to the sky and a love of what causes our weather. And gratitude for being able to chat about it.

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      my love started with a book. I know it sounds ridiculous but one day in Boy scouts we got this booklet about weather when I was in first grade. I didn’t think about it much and it stayed on my book shelf for awhile. 1 year later in 2nd grade I pulled it off my shelf and took it to school to read. I got very interested in it and that is where it started. I began to read all the books about weather in the classroom and my love grew until I decided to become a weather man. I am 13 now and still want to become a meteorologist when I grow up.

      • Me too literally. I love weather a lot!

    • Yes, I am totally on the same page with amazedhuman in regards to “If I had to do it over” I have the same passion for horticulture…. the love for all things plantable, lol! I have a really awsome weather related story about potatoes, but at the risk of getting too long-winded in this writing, I think I should wait.

      Have a great day, fellow geeks! Oh, here in central Missouri, we missed the severe weather of yesterday, and last night.

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      I believe my love for weather, (severe weather, tornadoes and hurricanes to be precise), is psychological AND the love of sensory stimulation and excitement. It started with my obsession with the Weather Channel when I was 11 and from there… I guess it grew. I’ve had dreams of chasing tornadoes because they are fascinating and approaching hurricanes are as well! I’d pay BIG money to go on a TORNADO tour. I almost could say I AM the tornado! It’s not ONLY the weather but also the Weather Channel music! It’s an atmosphere! Being a WxGeek is a lifestyle in my family! My mom and brothers are. 🙂

      PS.. To add to the “If I had to do it over” — Hurricane Irma? I DEFINITELY WOULD!




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        @tornadicx, The Weather Channel sparked my passion for weather. In fact, I have watched TWC since the very beginning. Furthermore, I have been studying weather since I was three years old.  In other words, I started studying weather when I started learning how to talk.  Unfortunately, I am the only weather geek in my family.  Nevertheless, I am jovially proud of that honor.  #happywxperson 😛

        I love asking people questions about weather, giving the forecast, mentoring people how to be safe and ready when inclement weather happens, providing frequent weather updates, and tracking severe weather. Concisely, I am a colossal weather nerd. #wxgeekforlife 👌

        I soak in as much weather information as I can fit in my cranium.  After all, knowledge is power.  This includes watching The Weather Channel daily.  Its meteorologists make every concept easy to understand.  #wxnerdpower 📺😇⛅🌂🌈☔🌀🌌⛄

    • I started loving weather when I was around the 6th grade. I am currently in the 10th going to the 11th and I thought it was so interesting especially when looking at the weather all day to see when we were going to get snow because I lived in Middle Georgia at the time and we didn’t get very much. I also started to like the weather when we had a tornado in our city and I seen how much damage it did in our community. While everyone was sad I was amazed and thats when I wanted to be a meteorologist. I still get amazed when I get to see tornadoes and severe storms. I live right by St. Louis, Missouri so we get those a lot. Make sure you check out my instagram to see my weather photos!  instagram.com/thatoolguy25597

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        Same age man


    • For me, it started when I was around 11. Before that I was terrified of storms, which was unfortunate because where I live we got a lot of them. After seeing hail the size of my fist fall like snow from the sky one day, my fear dissolved (weird, I know. It’s probably healthy to be afraid of fist-sized hail ;)) and I had to know how it all worked. Seven years later, I’m graduating and heading off to college to study meteorology! 🙂

      • Congrats and good luck! Don’t forget to send the Wx Channel your resume when you get your degree(s)! 😉

      • Thank you! 🙂

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      I think my love for weather sparked during Hurricane Matthew in 2016. it was so fascinating, I nearly blew up (figuratively).

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      I got interested in weather at age 7 because I was scared of thunderstorms then from there it just clicked and I was hooked

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      Weather affects every aspect of our lives.  Many activities and even our moods depend on the weather.  Severe weather can totally disrupt our lives, our jobs, our pocketbooks.  I think that “love” would be more of a fascination.  The first thing that I do when I get up in the morning is check the present weather, the forecast, and all the weather details of the day.  Extreme weather can be a major focus that, even those who aren’t directly affected, will be tuned to the  Weather Channel following it’s every twist and turn.  I’ve done this during major tornado outbreaks and hurricane landfalls. Nothing in our lives has as much constraint on us as weather.

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      I don’t know when or why, but I’ve always found the weather interesting.  It started mostly in high school.

      Like Cathie says, it can affect your mood, your budget (electric bill, i.e.), your plans for the day, etc.  Checking the local forecast is as routine for me as my coffee!!

      I need to know what to wear, and I take into account if I will be mostly indoors.  Still, it can get HOT in the car as we know.  I have a/c in it but still it’s hot near the windshield.

      Cloudy days make me depressed.

      I’m still scared of thunderstorms.

      But I get my local weather from other sources, not TWC.  There’s a few threads on this site about how they have really decreased the amount of info and the forecast is NOT “local”.  I don’t consider a city 25 miles from me to be “local”.

      Still, I’m obsessed with weather forecasts and will check it the night before, and then again in the morning for more accuracy.  I even check the almanac on multiple channels to see if everyone shows the same “high and low” for that day!

      Sometimes it’s a few degrees off, as much as 5 degrees.







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