Why Are We Being Forcefed Liana Brackett???

started by AmazedHuman, July 8, 2019
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    Oh come on…is TWC trying to tell us they have no other meteorologist available to be put on TV than Brackett? Every time I turn to that channel lately, there she is. At which time, I quickly turn to something else. Do try to find somebody else once in awhile, okay? Give us a break. We’re used to the best – and she isn’t it.

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    My mother said at least a few times ” She’d rather get a weather presentation from a man”  Caveat – she only watched the weather channel occasionally and she never listened to LB before she passed.

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      Actually, I’m rather on the side of your mother, bless her. The guys don’t find it necessary to wear tight-fitting, too short clothes, they don’t find it mandatory to have hair hanging in their faces, don’t find it a must-do to drape themselves in over-extended model poses to point at the weather map, or wear shoes so high they are in danger of tipping over. They simply give us the weather and weather related news. SO much better. There are some exceptions to the women with issues…Kelly Case, Jen Carfagno as examples, are always classy and just go professionally about their business of being meteorologists.

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    Can all of you please respect @liana-brackett, one of the coolest and sassiest meteorologists at The Weather Channel?!  Just because Liana delivers the weather differently at TWC does not that you should make fun of her.  If that is the way that Liana broadcasts the weather constantly on TWC, then so be it.  Liana, keep doing your thing.  I am jovial to watch you on TWC.  #lianamania 😀

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      Liana is great, maybe wardrobe choices aren’t always the best for TV but I really have no issue with how she delivers her presentations. She’s human just like you and me. 🙂

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    Not denying Liana is human…come on…and I’m not making fun of her…I’m simply saying TWC has much better meteorologists available and we’re seeing far too much of Liana. For me, she’s an exhibitionist at best and I only hang around on the channel – which I’m usually pretty much addicted to – when she isn’t on. Just saying…

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    I don’t mind Leanna at all, but I did agree with AmazedHuman about the bangs covering her eyes, but it looks like somebody told her to address it and she did. Otherwise I have nothing against her.

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    The outfit that @liana-brackett wore this morning on TWC made me contemplate her as TWC’s version of #SupergirlCW.  In fact, Liana would be #SuperLatina in my book.  #girlpower 😀

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    I’m a man, and I’ll take a force-feeding from her anytime! She IS The Weather Channel!

    Are you kidding me, she’s hot, she’s intelligent, and quite frankly to ALL the old-fart nay-sayers in this forum, she’s the future!

    GET OVER IT, and go back to your Denny’s or Cracker Barrel and keep-on with your stealing the creamers and sugar packets when your server is taking care of customers that actually leave a gratuity! smh




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      You nailed it, my guy. Who the hell really cares that much about someone’s wardrobe in a negative light? She’s doing her job, what she does isn’t harming anyone.

      People trying to make something out of nothing — sickening.

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    Oh I say, Old Chap – Chaps – there are – and obviously this is a fact unnoticed by your sharp, keen eyes that see little else but a female in a short skirt being perfect for whatever job she’s doing at the moment – folks out here who really do care about wardrobes, class and…oh, you know, all that picky stuff.  Like my good friend in Jerseys says – he never pays attention to the female meteorologist until they are decently clothed. The shorter the skirt, the more cleavage offered, the less likely they are to know what the heck they’re talking about – or chances are there’s not all that much going on with the weather and they’re trying to divert attention from the fact that they’re simply offering nothing more than entertainment. But you go blithely ahead, being entertained by mediocrity. Some people are hardly capable of handling anything more than that. Or caring about anything more.

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      Ok but making an assumption over what someone is wearing and implying just because they wear clothing that might seem a bit skimpy doesn’t mean they don’t know what they’re talking about. If that’s what you believe then that’s great! You’re certainly entitled to believe that. However, the fact of the matter is Liana knows what she’s talking about and if in the off chance she didn’t, do you think TWC would’ve hired her? Probably not.


      Also women acting as “entertainment”, what the hell? Excuse me but these female meteorologists are not on TV for anyone’s entertainment… they’re on TV to disseminate what the current and future state of the atmosphere will be. Sorry to seem so upset, but I find that to be a terrible thing to think of them as.

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      Assuming now, are we?

      Never once when I am watching The Weather Channel when Liana Brackett is on, that my undivided attention goes to how she presents herself, which apparently is all I notice.

      I take issue with how your opinions attempt to be all-encompassing. “Why Are We Being Forcefed Liana Brackett?” No recant either when it’s evident that there’s some issue with what you said based on its reception.

      Her meteorological knowhow is mutually exclusive to the way she wants to present herself. It is no fault of her’s that there are at least some men out there that would focus on something else but the weather. She would be in another industry if that was her intention, and she’s much an appreciator of weather as you and I, else she wouldn’t be there.

      Your pomposity (dare I say, ole chap) positioning yourself as a more cultured and superior person does not help your case one bit. Could this be the issue of something deeper?

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