Who has been in any kind of severe weather?

started by trainandweathernerd1, March 28, 2017
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    • This includes hail, tornadoes, flash flooding, damaging winds from a thunderstorm, etc.

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      Tornadoes, hail, and thunderstorms. I have only experienced a mild EF2 Tornado here in California and a EF3 in Mexico. Thunderstorms here in California are not very severe but when I take my family vacations to Mexico Severe Thunderstorms happen. As a Weather enthusiast I just sit by the window and watch as the lightning strikes.

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      Does a hurricane count? I live in Florida and have been through 4 hurricanes!

      • Oh yes! Hurricanes are probably the worst kind of severe weather.

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        Yes it does count. I went thru the Grandslam and I feel it does count its a storm. Its rain, hail, flooding and tornadoes all in one. 

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      Ive been in hurricane Matthew as a category 1-2 and hurricane Hermine,but because I live in South Carolina. Ive been in severe-thunderstorms,damaging winds,a small hail-storm,and two Tornado`s (both missed us).

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      Lots of thunderstorms, 3 hurricanes, way too many hail events (my poor car), several blizzards, 1 major flood (that poor house), and I’ve seen a funnel cloud. Also have been in an earthquake, in Indiana of all places! Guess that leaves land slides & avalanches… Please NO!

      • Well that really sucks! I’ve had blizzards, funnel clouds, damaging winds, flooding, hail, AND EARTHQUAKES!!!! Earthquakes aren’t uncommon here.

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        The only one that really ‘sucked’ was the flood. Never want to go thru that again! All the others were.. an experience! 🙂

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      I was in one storm where at about 3:00 and tornado watch went out and thunderstorms began coming in. at about 7:00 a tornado warning went out about 8 miles north of me. then about 1 minute later a tornado warning went out for Peoria,IL. (the tornado sirens went of about 20 seconds later). I went down stairs and then hail started coming down. a EF-1 tornado touched down 3 miles north of pulling down power lines and blowing of roofs. that was the closets I have ever been to a tornado. also was in about 8 winter storms, 1 blizzard, about 5 hail events, 9 high wind events, 2 tornado events but my house was never hit,about 4 flood events, and 6 heavy down pours.

    • Had an ice storm a few times in my life. Was in a hurricane once and have had some rather intense wind storms last month!

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      Pretty much all of my life. Hurricanes, tornado warnings(thankfully not a tornado), hail, lightning, high winds. Had my power knocked out and water knocked out by a storm around 3 years or so ago.

    • I was very near a tornado in South Bend, IN.  Hurricane Hugo in Sumter SC…a ice storm in SC

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      I spent the spring of 1974 (I was 20 at the time) in NE Nebraska.  During that time, we were under a couple of dozen tornado watches.  I didn’t sleep the night of the first severe thunderstorm I experienced that spring.  One day, it rained 6 inches in two and a half hours.  It was quite an experience for someone from the Pacific northwest, where severe weather means an occasional wind storm or blizzard.

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      Way back in the early 1980’s, my wife, young daughter, and myself were camping at Lake McConaughy in southern Nebraska: (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_McConaughy

      It was late afternoon and we could see that thunderstorms were building. While standing along the lakeshore a small boat caught our attention traveling at a very high rate of speed. Moments later another boat sped by and then another. Behind the last boat we could see what looked like a long linear tossing wave moving fast along the water. We could then ascertain why the boats were moving so fast; they were trying to outrun a thunderstorm downdraft.

      We quickly retreated to the our tent. I opened both ends of the tent, thinking the wind would blow through it instead of bending it over and/or blowing it away. My wife held on to one front corner. I held onto the other front corner. My daughter sat in the middle of the tent atop all the equipment. The downdraft swept in and slammed us. The wind rose instantly to over 50 mph. Sand from the beach pummeled us relentlessly. We all turned our backs to the wind and got as low as we could. We could see other tents and equipment blowing away in other camps. We managed to hang tight for about ten minutes until the downdraft passed by. It look another 30 minutes to clear all the sand out of the tent, equipment, and ourselves. Afterwards, we learned there was a tornado on the other side of the lake.

      • Wow! We get strong winds with thunderstorms here in Nevada every summer.

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      Back on April 26, 1991 Tornado in Wichita/Andover Kansas.  Remember the date well because my little son was only 3 weeks old and we threw him under the turned over couch in the basement along with us and my brother and his family.  House pretty well destroyed but we were all fine.  We lived between Wichita and Andover and our neighborhood was pretty well wiped out.  Rebuilt and all was fine except the area never looked the same with all the missing trees and other damage.  17 other people in the area were not as fortunate and lost their lives mainly in the Andover trailer court Golden Spur flattened like a bomb F5.  We stood out in our front yard for about 15 minutes watching the storm approaching from the southwest before taking shelter when you could start to hear it!

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      I have….live in sw Oklahoma

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      Severe t- storms while living in Killeen and Mesquite texas the one in mesquite included large hail and a downpour which caused some flooding of roads for a short while. while living in nevada sat out a supercell storm which caused a severe dust storm and extremly heavy rain. Also was present when heavy rain in the mountains west of the area caused major destructive flooding of the washes and rivers around and along the virgin river. saw homes washed away in the resulting flash flood, bridges damaged etc.Here in the northwest since living here i have been through 3 severe winter storms where sustained winds topped 50mph and gusts topped out at 70mph mostly relatively minor damage to  roofs, trees down and power outages but historically these can be very dangerous.

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      Pensacola, Florida native and lived in Biloxi, MS from 1984 until 1991.

      I have been through the following hurricanes. I only listed one tropical storm because that’s the only one I could recall from memory.


      I’ve never been in a tornado, but I would love to go on a chase in the midwest.

      I’ve been through plenty of severe thunderstorms.


    • Kai

      Lots of thunderstorms growing up in Arizona. Idaho has a good number of them, too.
      You can see some of my lightning photos here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/eiselein/albums/72157594252964868

      Have been through a nor’easter on Long Island, Hurricane/Tropical Storm Bonnie in Florida, flash floods, wildfires, a number of blizzards, freezing rain, have seen two funnel clouds. That’s about it, I think, lol.

    • The best/worst I can recall is when I was a kid in East Tennessee. We had these two huge poplars in the backyard between which my parents ran a plastic-coated wire as a clothesline.

      One night there was a huge thunderstorm and we heard an earsplitting CRACK from the backyard. The next morning we went out to see what the damage was.  Lightning had hit one of the poplars and caused the clothesline to snap in half!  The tree was split and the ends of the line were charred.

      It was an awesome reminder of how dangerous even “minor” thunderstorms are, but I was so sad to see those trees go!

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      As a California native, I haven’t been in many huge weather events.  I was in New York City for hurricane Gloria.  Stepped outside and got soaked in about 20 seconds.  In 1962 we had the aftermath of a hurricane come up from Baja.  My home town got 17 inches of rain in 12 hours.  The world series (Giants-Yankees was delayed for days.  There were huge mud slides and I didn’t have to go to school for two days. Lastly I witnessed a monster thunderstorm in DC.  Lightning 360 degrees around, and roads were 6 inches deep in less than a minute.  I loved every second.

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      I was there for the blizzard in the late 70’s in South Western NY, I’ve seen debris flying around a Tornado that touched down about a half mile away, lived through 1-1/2″ of ice in Highpoint NC in 03′, no power for a week. Lived through 22 years of lake effect snow in Chautauqua county NY (including Jim Cantore’s favorite, thunder snow).

      It’s been a ride and I hope it’s far from over.

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      I’ve been in a few near misses with tornadoes, including one right over the grade school that I was in, one across the street (it had lifted a bit at that time, but took the tops of a few trees in the neighbors’ yards), and one literally hit the apartment building right next door from me, and through Hurricane Celia in 1970. (All while I was living in Texas. I’ve been through the Northridge Earthquake in 1994 here in Los Angeles.

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