Which city would be the best (among these) for a dry weather sufferer?

started by JP21, February 17, 2020
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      I’m a person who is trying to find the most suitable climate for myself (suffering from minor dryness-inflicted issues) to excel my career and happiness in life. For that, I am in search of quick but accurate answers from some climatologist/experts.

      Which of these places would be most suitable for me to feel uninterrupted/non-debilitating/optimal (from issues of dry eyes and dry sinus-more info. below)?

      1. New York City area
      2. Los Angeles area
      3. San Francisco bay area ~ Seattle

      The key criteria to determine this are Relative humidity/Dew Point-> How you would really feel.

      I like moisture in the air, and more humid it is the better it has been for me in general (unless it is really really hot).This is because I have minor dry eye issues, and sinus issues (moisture makes me feel better since my sinus stays more moist as well.- otherwise I have to apply like saline water spray on to it, for example.. In general, in my experience, I did like Late Spring ~ Summer ~ Early Fall weather of the Midwest/Canadian Southern Ontario region. The winters are horrific there with super dry conditions inside buildings (outside -5C 90% RH, inside buildings 21C with 10~20% RH). I know that New York City would be generally more humid and warmer, the dew point seems to be higher year around- Would this be my best bet? I did feel always better when I visited there. For example, Los Angeles seems to be perfect (weather wise in general) since it has the warmth year around but isn’t the relative humidity often near 10~20% there outside, or is it not?  One very important question is that, when it is like 15 C, with 10% RH in LA, water from my eyes and sinus would evaporate faster than when it is -5C and 80% RH in New York City- in other words, I would feel more comfortable in New York City in winter even if average dew point would be lower there? I know summer in NYC would be one of the happiest places on earth for me (hot+humid = cure for both indoors and outdoors). But indeed, we live 12 months a year.

      Please let me know if you are a climate expert, who knows very well about the climate zones and types of the United States near NY, LA, SF/ Seattle.

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      I think New York because it has humid summers. Humidity helps me with dry eyes and dry sinuses. The northeast or the southeast more or less.

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