Where is Maria LaRosa???

started by AmazedHuman, March 17, 2019
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      Okay, why isn’t Maria LaRosa with Paul Goodloe on Weekend Recharge? I really don’t care for this new gal with her hair hanging in her face. The chemistry that was there with Paul and Maria is missing…and pretty soon, I will be too. Not enjoying this new pairing at all.

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      I don’t think TWC has made a single positive change in 10 years. Nobody here wants to watch Highway Thru Hell, for example.

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      Hi @AmazedHuman! Maria LaRosa moved to the northeast to be closer to family, so sadly she doesn’t work with The Weather Channel anymore. We miss her dearly & wish her all the best, and the meteorologist taking her place on Weekend Recharge is the wonderful Liana Brackett!

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        Well, like I say,  Liana Brackett is not wonderful. That hair alone is turning me off and away. Anytime a woman’s bangs are so long her eyelashes catch in it is ridiculous. Hard to take someone like that serious. Happy for Maria LaRosa, but sad for us. She really is missed.

    • gww

      Maria is missed but Liana does a fabulous job. Her and Paul make a nice team. Kudos to both!

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      I think Liana does a great job on the weather channel and belongs there. Thank you for Liana

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