What’s With The Fake Postings?

started by AmazedHuman, March 14, 2020
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      Isn’t there anyone in charge out there? Why are we subjected to garbage like the I Hat Donald Trump posting? Is this supposed to be about the weather – or is it a common place garbage dump for Liberal nitwits? Clean out the trash. Give us a break from the idiocy. Please.

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      So there is this account @deletemesocyclone who supports me after I complained about @mesocyclone and the fake @donaldtrump account impersonating my @realdonaldtrump account. I have waited five months for @haleybrennan / @brandon_uffner to delete Mesocyclone/DonaldTrump. They didn’t listen, which made @deletemesocyclone to create @mesosyclone. He is impersonating one of these accounts.

      He is the exact same person to create AndyMozerWeather, which convinced the moderators to delete AndyMoserWeather, a troll who bullied me and had a cereal box.

      I’m a millennial and I’m with you. Trump 2020! Most people my age and younger are taught to hate the president.

      @haleybrennan / @brandon_uffner Please clean out the impersonator AND the cereal box and fake @donaldtrump account. I’ve asked you multiple times and you NEVER listened. Even others are complaining because you don’t care.

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      @FooFighter the Donald Trump accounts have been removed because impersonation is not aligned with our community values. It may have taken a while for it to process, but you should see that they’re gone now. Thanks for your patience with this.

      As for the Mesocyclone account, we have gone through every post made by that account and have found none that warrant being removed from the site. Since they stick to talking about weather, we are not going to remove them. If offensive posts pop up we will take action.

      Please stop using the forum to discuss anything but weather. If you have issues with other members of the site, email @weloveweather.tv">community@weloveweather.tv. You need to follow community guidelines as well, and sticking to weather on this forum is a major guideline everyone needs to follow. Lead by example!

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      @haleybrennan You don’t understand why I want @mesocyclone removed. He has the cereal box. IDC if they acted constructive and discussed weather. He violated the community rules ON THAT THREAD by trolling with the cereal box.

      Go ahead and remove my XXXTENTACION thread I created as ArsenalFan, as that’s what drove AndyMoserWeather to create Mesocyclone. He is the exact same troll, except he acted “constructive”. He is the one who used profanity and name calling as AndyMoserWeather.


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