What weather station should I get

started by jamo, August 5, 2016
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      What weather station should I get


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      What weather station would be good for Minnesota

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      I’m in the same boat jamo. My research has left me baffled an I’m going to re ask this question and hopefully we’ll both get what we need.


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      <p style=”text-align: right;”>My question must have been rejected Jamo but I’m researching</p>
      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Acurite and Davis at the moment. It seems like your installation and how your current set up is configured will matter a great deal, both gave customer assistance. Sorry my post is all segmented but its just coming out this way.</p>

    • I would recommend NOAA weather radio. (If your area gets weatherband stations) NOAA weather radio broadcasts weather information from the National Weather Service office in your area. Also, when there is a weather or civil emergency, most radios will alert you. On many weather alert radios, there is an option to make the radio ONLY alert you when an emergency alert is for your county. The weatherband is also served by Environment Canada.

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      Assuming you are talking about setting up a home weather station, you need some basic sensors:

      Anemometer — measures wind speed

      Wind vane — measures wind direction

      barometer — measures air pressure

      thermometer — measures air temperature

      rain gauge — measures rain fall and snow fall

      The manufacturers that I know of are Davis Instruments,

      Oregon Scientific, AcuRite, LaCrosse technology, RainWise

      Also search Home weather stations on you favorite search engines.

      That should get you started.

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      What personal weather stations are recommended that can be then connected with TWC & WUTV?

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        I have an Accu-Rite Professional Weather Center Model 01036 A1. It has a Wireless outdoor sensor and Color indoor monitor. I can’t think of anything it doesn’t record and make available. In and out Temp, Humidity, Barometer, wind speed & direction. rainfall amount-current, month & year. Forecast in words & pic. A running ticker displaying what you choose ex: moon phase, weather records, etc. Of course, date & time, dew point, wind chill and on and on . It connects to your PC  to pass info back and forth and send to TWC/WU.

        Valuable alarms can be set for excessive wind, rain, high and low temps. Also, Storm Warning Alarm. I love it and couldn’t ask for more.


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      Get a Davis Weather Station either a Vantage Vue or Vantage Pro.  They are made very well, work great and last for years.  I’ve been using them for 15 years and had no more than a handful of problems.  Their phone tech support is outstanding.

      The stations are offered in both wired and wireless models.  I’ve only used the wireless models.

      If you have some questions I’d be happy to try and answer them for you or you can reach out to Davis directly.  They do have pre-purchase support.

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