what weather crafts have YOU done?

started by weather-lover, April 18, 2017
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      I`ve stuck a mini,tall ice cube in a container to the ceiling,and took a shower. Can you guess what happened?

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      Just a hunch here, but I’ll guess that you were cleaner than you were before the shower.

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      hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! Close! The moisture from the warm water rose,and came in contact with the ice cube,and convected on contact,and fell as what I guess would be called as ”mini-rain”.

       And if it isn`t called convection,correct me,please! I forget a lot……..

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      @twcerikanavarro, I have created a tornado in a bottle, demonstrated high and low pressures using a pencil and two balloons, and danced quarters on top of open soda bottles.  All those #weathercrafts were interestingly amazing to perform.  No doubt about it! 🌪🌬💰

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      Wow,that`s atruly amazing! How do you do each of them?!?! Especially the high and low pressure demonstration?!

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      I`ve also made a 1-2 foot tall paper tornado AND supercell,5 mini paper hurriccanes,and ice cubes.

    • The tornado in a bottle I did. I know we did something in like 7th grade but I am unsure what it was.

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      Oh okay! Cool!

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      When I was about 12 (~1961), we lived in Overland Park, KS (Kansas City area). That year was particularly stormy, with many (almost daily it seemed) severe thunderstorms.

      For my birthday that summer, my Mom gave me a weather projects book. One of the projects involved weather flags that could be constructed and displayed in the yard for your neighbors to observe and know at a glance what the weather forecast was. So, my Mom helped me make the flags; cut up bed sheets that were color dyed. I made up flag legend handouts for the neighbors that could be referenced based on the displayed flags. I then set up a flag display area in the front yard. As I recall, there were two types of flags; one large set for the overall type of weather (fair weather to stormy weather) and a smaller set for wind direction and strength.

      Several times per day that summer I’d listen on the radio for the forecast and then display the appropriate flags. It worked for awhile and I had great fun with the project. My Mom made me take it down when she thought maybe people driving by might think we were communists sending out some sort of secret signals.

      If you ask me how I got interested in weather, this project would be my answer.

    • Not as sciency as the flag project but does making snow ice cream count? When I was a kid we loved it when it was snowing really heavily. Our mother would have us bundle up and take big pans out in the yard. When they were full of snow we’d bring them back in, add sugar and vanilla. Voila snow ice cream. You had to eat it immediately of course.


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