What kind of wind causes…….

started by necabin, February 14, 2018
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      Last fall we had some areas ,here in northern NH, that experience some high winds of some sort. About a 2 acre lot of flat land in a valley. All the trees were broken off 5′ to 6′ off the ground. Splintered part of tree all on the same side. Wind shears? Straight lines? Tornado?

      sorry, no photo. When I got back there, loggers had cleaned off.

      Any ideas?

    • Looks more like a  straight line winds.

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      @necabin, you witnessed a derecho, a straight-line wind storm that associates with a fast-moving line of severe thunderstorms.  In northern New Hampshire, where you live, you witness a derecho once every four years.  #highwindstorm 🌬🌩

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