What is everyone's favorite WC program?

started by Paintergirl, June 7, 2017
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      I love Weekend Recharge and WU.

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      I like Tornado Alley, Strangest Weather On Earth, & So You Think You’d Survive!

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      Well……I like AMHQ with Kelly Cass and Reynolds Wolf, weekend mornings (LOL!). I know 5-9am is super early though. We do try to make it fun, yet informative. If you guys have any ideas for weather stories to cover, let me know!

      Yours truly,

      Kelly Cass

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      I like Tornado Alley, So you think you’d survive?, Weather gone Viral, Fat guys in the woods, America’s super nataral, and Secrets of the earth.

      what happened to hurricane 360?

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      I like Tornado Alley, Top 10, and So You Think You Could Survive. Weather Caught on Camera is ok. The other shows like Highway Through Hell (though I’ve only seen a little of that), Secrets of the Earth, and Why Planes Crash I just don’t find very interesting.

      I would like to see Storm Stories (new episodes) and It Could Happen Tomorrow air again on TWC. Storm Stories was the best!

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      @kcass, I totally love watching Weather Geeks hosted Dr. Marshall “Super Bald” Shepherd that airs every Sunday morning.  The show airs just before my lunch break and features fabulous topics and guests.  #favoriteTWCshow 😀

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        weather gone viral,tornado wranglers and strangest weather on earth are my favs but the re-runs are killing me..

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