what do we need for a mild winter in the mid-atlantic?

started by marclovestheweather, August 12, 2019
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    • Hi all, just wondering here on Long Island New York we almost always have cold snowy winters, but I would say once a decade or so we have a very mild one like the Coastal SouthEast! The last time we had one like that was in 2013 I believe. Just curious, what ingredients would be necessary for that to happen again? Does a hot humid summer indicate perhaps a warmer fall, and then a mild winter? I know that water temps are about as warm as they have ever been (about 80 now on the south shore of LI)( and summer’s not quite done yet), but what else would we need to increase the chances of having say, a winter like an average say Virginia Beach style winter with no snow and very few really cold days? Is it the water temperature, the jet stream/ Gulf Stream, lack of cold fronts,the wind direction, what would we need? Because as much as I like Northeast winters, it would be nice to have a mildish one and I think we are due for one pretty soon. All and any feedback extremely appreciated immensely! Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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