What are China blue skies? 

started by BeInformed, March 9, 2018
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      What are China blue skies?  I’ve seen the phrase in articles lately about  ‘China blue skies’  in USA cities.  Kindly define that phrase and is it a new expression of the status of the clarity of the skies?  Thanks!


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      I’ve heard that too and wondered the same thing.  And “Robin Blue” too.  Refers to a bird??

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        I’ve heard “robin’s egg blue”, which they are, a pretty light blue. And China has really cracked down on air pollution, giving them rare blue skies.

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        So does China Blue skies mean a smoggy sky, LOL?

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        Like calling a tall person “shorty”..?

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        @kittykat, it could also be Tiffany blue if I was guessing.  #chineseblueclearsky 😀

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