wetter in ME than ID

started by JustAsking, January 6, 2019
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      why is it at 45 lat., that ME is wetter than ID? seriously.  I cannot find a straight answer on the internet.  I like precise answers. not just suggestions.

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      ME is right along the coast and is near the Great Lakes so their is a lot of moisture that can be draw up from that. most snow storms go up the North East, starting around Virginia and spiraling northward through the new England Area. because of this, ME gets a lot of snow since they usually get a direct hit from it. Idaho is farther west and is in the mountains so snow is less there. Maine also has colder temperatures in the winter which fuels storms more

      in rain, however, Idaho gets more rain since rain storms get fueled by the Pacific Ocean and race across the West. the Rockies do a good job at pushing up warm air causing large amounts of rain. as I said earlier, Maine has cooler average temperatures so they get less rain.

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