Wednesday, March 25-SW Michigan-

started by AmazedHuman, March 25, 2020
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      Not a bad morning out there. Lots of the sun showing in the mix right at the moment. I’m sure that with a fair chance of overnight rain, the clouds will move in and take more than their share of the mix before the day is over. Looks as if the chance of rain is going to be sticking with us for the next handful of days. That’s okay. Long as it isn’t snow, bring on the precipitation.

      So – how are you doing under the lock down? I’m doing some of those tasks I was always going to do next week, or next month…or next Spring. Amazing how many of them are getting wiped off the list. Might as well make the best of the time on our hands. Stay busy – stay healthy everyone.

      Currently 39 with an average wind from the SSW of 7 mph. Feels like 34 degrees. Humidity 81%, Barometer 29.99, Dew Point 33, Visibility 6 mi., Sunrise 7:35 am, Sunset 8:00 pm.

      Sun and clouds mix for the day. High 54. SW winds 5 – 10 mph.

      Cloudy with a 50% chance of overnight rain showers. Low in the lower 40s. SW 5 -15 mph.


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