Wednesday, July 1-SW Michigan-Hot Summer Weather Is Upon Us

started by AmazedHuman, July 1, 2020
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      There is now a tiny hope for some precipitation next Tuesday…it’s a small, very small percentage, but it’s out there. I think after days and days of 90 or near 90 degree days everyone will be eager for that small chance to materialize. Who knows? By then it might have evaporated, but we can hope.

      What is scaring me is the fools busy planning on shooting of fireworks during this exceptionally dry period. Fire danger is going to be a very real problem. And there are always fools unable to look at the big picture while they’re self-serving their own plans. Most years we are lucky enough to get some sort of rain somewhere around the holiday to help alleviate the problem, but this year, not a chance in the world of Mother Nature offering any assistance. We’ll have to depend on luck I reckon.

      Currently 74 with an average wind from the ENE of 4 mph. Feels like 74 degrees. Dew Point 64, Barometer 29.99, Humidity 69%, visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 6:07 am, Sunset 9:25 pm.

      Sunny. High near 90. E winds around 10 mph.

      Mostly clear. Low in the mid 60s. Light winds.


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      Hello, AH! I’ll do an Indian Rain Dance for Michigan tonight! No but seriously, I hope everyone takes certain precautions..especially due to all the dry weather. Usually it DOES rain around the 4th but.. it’s sketchy this year.. (as with everything else it seems.)


      My family is from Michigan.. and my mom monitors the weather up there.. she told me about the heat you guys are having these days.

      Cool picture as well. 🙂

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