Wednesday, Dec. 4-South West Michigan-Gloomy And Gray

started by AmazedHuman, December 4, 2019
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      Not a very pretty day out there right now. The clouds have moved in to cover any sky we might have taken a look at and it’s rather breezy. Snow still packed on tree limbs from our recent dumping by Mother Nature. Matter of fact the only surface minus snow for now are the busy streets where traffic has conveniently helped clear things up. It hasn’t warmed up enough to help us get rid of much of this mess. Just making it all look messier. I hesitate to put any stock in advance weather forecasts but perhaps – and this is a very big maybe – next Monday could bring us 40 degree temps with rain. That would help immensely with helping us get rid of some snow. Would love that, but since it seems that even putting a whole lot of faith in even what is forecast for the very next day is iffy, getting giddy about what could be 5 days off seems rather silly. So we’ll wait and see.

      Currently 33 with an average wind from the W of 12 mph. Feels like 24 degrees. Dew Point 29, Barometer 29.56 & rising, Humidity 84%, Visibility 9 mi., Sunrise 7:56 am, Sunset 5:07 pm.

      Overcast with the possibility of a few snow flurries or showers showing up. Temperatures holding steady in the low to mid 30s. WNW winds 15 – 25.

      Partly to mostly cloudy. Low 27. WNW winds 10 – 20 mph.


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