Wednesday, April 10-South West Michigan-Waiting For Winter Storm Wesley

started by AmazedHuman, April 10, 2019
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    Well…so Wesley – not the dread pirate Wesley but the rotten winter storm Wesley – is on the way. We will be lucky – if luck you could call it for mid April weather – in that we won’t be in the bullseye for the worst of Wesley. Lots and lots of snow elsewhere, but what we will get is more than what we want or need. Winter is flat out getting sickening and we’ve all had more than enough of it.

    Currently 37 with an average wind from the ENE of 12 mph making it feel like 29 degrees. Dew Point 30, Humidity 75%, Barometer 30.07, Visibility 10 mil., Sunrise 7:08 am, Sunset 8:18 pm. Overcast with a slight chance of rain today. High 47. ENE winds 10 – 15 mph.

    90% chance tonight of rain/snow. 1-3″ of snow/ice expected. Low 31. ENE winds 20-30 mph.


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    If Winter Storm Wesley had struck during a wedding, then how would comedian Jay Leno reply to him? “You Wesley Rabbit, what happened to the Wuben-Kok wedding, you idiot?!” #wesleymono 😀

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