Weatherman\ Meterologists ?

started by survivedmany55, September 4, 2019
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    • me·te·or·ol·o·gist
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      an expert in or student of meteorology; a weather forecaster.
      “meteorologists predict rain for the rest of the week”
      weather forecaster, met officer, weatherman, weatherwoman, nowcaster, weather prophet

      Have you ever looked at the accuracy of your forecasting ? At best for Dorian you have been only 50% correct, The definition implies prophet ? A true prophet test is what is prophesied comes true I think if you assign one subject matter expert per storm and go back and pick only 4 of the most reliable computer models you would do closer to 90% every year it gets worse, millions spent millions evacuated I know the alternative of not doing so is worse But I really think there is way to much confusion and TV personality involved in your forecasting and the public would be better served if at least that was eliminated

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      How about you go and spend all the time these meteorologists have spent on getting their degrees and get your own degree in meteorology since apparently you think they can do better at forecasting.

      • I have and I am a Meteorologist you make a great assumption that I was not



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        You’ve said that they should look at the accuracy of their forecasting. You’re a meteorologist and you’d know that there’s always a margin of error when it comes down to those things. So then why is it that you say that they should be more accurate if they cannot perfectly forecast the path of a Hurricane (hence the cone of uncertainty)?


        After all, their forecasts come from the Nationals Hurricane Center. It’s not in house forecasts.

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      Please respect all meteorologists regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.  Both “weatherman” and “weatherwomen” are one million percent unacceptable.  Show some appreciation for their tenacity to constantly update our ever-changing weather.  @stephanieabrams, @liana-brackett, @kcass, @dewpointdiva, and @alexwilson would totally agree with me.  Thank you.  #weareALLmeteorologists 🙂

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