Weather Trivia

started by WeatherWizard109, August 2, 2018
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    • Hey guys! It’s ya boi, WeatherWizard109! I have a quiz down below, see how you do!


      1: How far can lightning strike from a storm?

      2: Why is the sky blue?

      3: What is the rarest halo phenomenon?

      4: Can a lunar halo form?

      5: Do earthquakes have anything to do with hurricanes?

      After 10 responses, I’ll reveal the answers!

    • Member

      I’ll guess, LOL.

      1: 2 miles

      2: Something to do with the oxygen in the air

      3: I don’t know, LOL.

      4: Yes

      5: No



    • 1. Usually 10 but up to 25 miles (the farthest “bolt from the blue” struck out from its parent storm system for almost 30 miles)

      2. The way the oxygen and nitrogen molecules in our atmosphere scatter the Sun’s rays

      3. Bottlinger’s Ring?

      4. Yes

      5. It’s possible, but the definitive research is still underway

      Fun quiz! 🙂

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