Weather Q/A (Ask ducky)

started by Ducky, November 4, 2016
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      I can answer your weather questions!

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      How do tornadoes form? I know they occur in the spring but tell me how tornadoes form! And I know tornadoes exist! I will be checking if you answered my question soon!

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        thank you for asking.


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      Well, I’ve been in tornado and done some researching them, so, this may be good. Winds blow very fast at high altitudes and when two different wind currents of different temperatures collide they will rotate. The sheer speed of the wind makes a dangerous funnel. The fennel will have clouds in at and will give the tornadoey look. It will spin down and that is a tornado!


      If you live in a tornado or bad wether area, get the Red Cross emergency app. It warned me of a tornado going through my area and can keep you and loved ones safe.


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      Sorry about slow reply, just got back from vacation.


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      What kind of instrument would you use to read ball lighting to understand it better?

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        Very Very sorry about that! I don’t know! Ball lightning is so fast that it’s very hard to observe it, it’s also very rare.

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