Weather on the 8's???

started by NanaMontana, April 6, 2018
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      What has the Weather Channel done to Local on the 8’s?? It’s messed up. It’s not there. Hey Weather Channel go back to the way it was. Little by little we are getting less and less from the Weather Channel. I miss the old days. Any comments?

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      Totally agree on you on that they should go back to the old days and do more hours of weather center live

      • Hi, definitely agree with Joey, and nanamontana……Really feel much more connected with you Weather Channel guys and ladies when you are speaking to us right now! All the new tech stuff is great, but all the ‘peat & repeat’ extreme weather shows over and over(and over), oh! and did I say over? I really do miss the days when reality meant….reality via live broadcasts! Thanks!

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        Yes, all’s of us just want more coverage we didn’t want our local on the 8’s to be less

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      That’s what I’m talking about! Weather Channel just remember your 1982 roots.

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      I just made this account so hopefully someone who works at TWC sees this.

      I have been a fan of TWC since I was just a kid, but I have not been happy about many of the changes made to this network in the last 7 years or so.

      The Local on the 8s should never be taken away. I miss the longer two minute versions. I agree we don’t need them every 10 minutes, but those should have been kept for the :28 and :58. And, please, for the love of God, please quit playing the same dumb music you’ve been playing for the last 5 years. Bring back jazz or anything else at this point. Shame on whoever is in charge for not changing the music after so long. It is very lazy. The old TWC changed out the music every month and even posted the artists and albums on their main website.

      Why is almost every change worse…

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        I agree that every time there is a change made it is for the worse.  I too miss that longer local forecasts that gave more info. It is to the point that someone need to make a new network that is actually devoted to weather again.  Why call it local on the 8’s if it is not on the 8’s?

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        I agree with 13snowflakes on why call it local on the 8s if it’s not on my be 8s.   You only get LOT8s only one time an hour during the shows such as “Highway Through Hell” and that is on the 18 past of each hour so if you miss that, viewers have to wait for another hour for the next 18 past the next hour in order to catch it.  I don’t know why the changed it to show on the right side of the screen on the 8s and that’s not done during the shows.

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      This all sort of points out the wisdom for old sayings, adages….they’re all built on reality. Here’s one, Weather Channel…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There. Our locals on the 8 wasn’t broke, it wasn’t even damaged. But it’s sure getting that way. Leave things alone that have worked for you – and more importantly, for us.

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      The email said something like ‘You asked we listened, more meteorologists studio broadcast time’. So they took away local on the 8s. I never asked for that! I’ve asked for MORE info. Less reality shows. Who did they think would be fooled by that wording??? I too, miss the old format, with almanac & all.

    • Good morning all! It is awesome to see so many weather channel guys and ladies on the same page about the new format.

      We ( I speak for myself here ) just really dial in, and feel more connected, with the on air realtime ‘weather info’ that can only be delivered live. It also allows weather geeking, and the whole educational aspect to become a fun educational experience.



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      I’m waiting on The Weather Channel to respond to these threads.

    • I like the TV shows about weather, especially Tornado Alley, Storm Riders, and Weather Gone Viral. But, WEATHER CHANNEL, BY OUR LORD’S MERCY, I BEG OF YOU, BRING BACK THE LOCAL ON THE 8’S!!!!!

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        It will be the end of TWC as we know it if they think removing LOT8’s is a good idea.

        You guys want to be on air more? Great. Please remove the longform programming like the Highway Thru Hell so I can watch actual live weather coverage more. Don’t remove the Local on the 8’s.


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      I’ve been watching/waiting on the locals on the 8s 47 minutes nothing yet I think this is a paid channel bring back locals on the 8s please.  I live in Delaware we get skipped by the weather channel on everything and now the locals on the 8s .  Thanks weather channel maybe Comcast should just replace with their own weather channel couldn’t do any worse.

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