Weather Movies

started by s754263, June 2, 2017
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      My list :

      1. The day after tomorrow


      3. Sharknado part 1     [  lol  ]

      4. Pompeii

      5. Thundersnow   By ; Jim Cantore      : }

      What is your favorite movies?

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      twister is one of my LEAST favorite movies because of these factors:

      1. It is a very bad love story

      2. there is no bad guys in storm chasing

      3. the ending is so unrealistic

      I have not seen many weather movies. my 2 would be the wizard of oz and singni’n in the rain.

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        Your right!  The tornado was huge and destroyed the barn but NOT the house.  I also like The wizard of oz  too!

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        actually, I spotted 4 mistakes when the 2 love birds tied themselves to the pipe to save themselves

        1. tools did not hit them

        2. there clothes didn’t fly off

        3. the pipe did not break

        4. the ropes did not break

        think about it. you are in the center of a very destructive and strong tornado and NONE OF THOSE HAPPEN.

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        YES that was exactly what I was thinking.

    • I flew through the then-new Denver airport not too long after Twister came out.  There was a news story on the Denver all-news radio station that a tornado had dropped down on the airport.  When they issued the warning over the PA system, people rushed to the terminal windows to see it rather than seek shelter.  It turned out that the new Denver airport did not have any tornado procedures.

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        So what happened? Also, the warning had no lead time?

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      Geostorm, The Day After Tomorrow, & Twister. Maybe not the most realistic movies, but still fun.

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