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started by masoneking22, August 9, 2019
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      I am disappointed by the cutback on your Local on the 8″s.Unfortunately our cable supplier has eliminated a channel giving constant local weather and radar.When there is weather activity in our area I like to be able to see the local weather frequently.I enjoy many of your shows particularly Hellfire Heroes,Highway Through Hell.Heavy Rescue 401.Ice Pilots,Coast Guard Alaska and a very old one which I believe was titled Searching for Iceburgs. I’m sorry to be negative but I find SOS for Survival very uninteresting and turn it off when it comes on.Another good one is MAyday Air Disaster

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      Email them Tommorow web page and you can email them from there And tweet then @weloveweather @wxnewsdesk @weatherchannel @GregPostel Tell Them that we want the local Back every 10 min today or tommorow or monday And listen to your fans.

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