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started by FooFighter, October 9, 2019
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      So you delete “How to take quizzes without being logged in despite the requirement” but allow AndyMoserWeather to bully people for 3 months. That’s some nice moderation you have.

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      @haleybrennan @brandon_uffner Why did it take you three months to delete the bully AndyMoserWeather? But you deleted my secret on accessing We Love Weather exclusives without creating an account.

      The latter is way less offensive than allowing a cyberbully to get away with spewing lies about me, calling me a liberal, uploading an offensive profile photo, etc.

      It should have taken you less than a few days, not three months, to erase a bully’s account.

      Poorly managed forum.

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      @haleybrennan @brandon_uffner I don’t mean to spam you with notifications, but the cereal box is back. Please delete mesocyclone. It has the cereal box again. I believe he is a threat to weloveweather.

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      It looks like I’m getting lucky again. A few days after I reported andymoserweather in September to the moderators some random guy created a fake andymozerweather account. It took them THREE MONTHS to delete them. I’ve emailed the moderators MULTIPLE TIMES about mesocyclone. I’m so happy there is a fake mesosycione account advertising used cars for sale, hopefully this will get @haleybrennan or @brandon_uffner to delete the mesocyclone (cereal box) account. Where you at, both of you?

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