Watch TWC for Daily Updates in MI

started by honeystrange, March 27, 2019
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      Really? Why does AmazedHuman think we need her to tell us daily what her weather is? Just watch The Weather Channel for your updates. Me thinks she has a problem.


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      Why does Amazed Human need your permission to post what she wants?

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      In all honesty, honeystrange…and strange appears to be the operative word there – what do you care what I post? I don’t, personally, give a rat’s rump what you post. Give it a break, dear…just don’t read what I post if it gives you grief.

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        I like your posts. You talk about weather and also give your feedback on TWC’s bad changes when necessary. I liked your opinion on Weekend Recharge the other day.

        The posts these days are people talking about their weather and people complaining about TWC. It’s nice to have a balance.

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