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started by Dani, October 18, 2018
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      Would someone PLEASE adjust the volume of your advertisements.  They blare out.  I don’t have this problem with other channels so you need to do something.  Sometimes I just change the channel because I get tired of trying to mute the ads because they are so loud.  If you adjust the volume so the ads are at normal volume then you can hardly hear the program when it comes back on.  PLEASE, do something.  I love most of the programs but end up so frustrated I just change the channel.

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      I don’t think it has to do with the Weather Channel, it may be your cable provider. This happens to me all the time when they replace national commercials with local commercials – the audio changes. Contact your cable provider about the audio issue.

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      I mute the TV/radio during ads, any ads.  Some annoy me so much on the radio, I turn it OFF until the LO-N-G break is over!!  Or I change the station.  My old-fashioned clock radio doesn’t have a mute button so I turn that off until it’s over.  Too hard to change stations, as it has a manual dial and not a digital tuner!

      When I was a kid, commercials were much shorter and most were even funny or entertaining.  NOW they just yell at me, and they are at least 7 minutes long.  This is not only on TWC but on TV shows I watch.

      That’s why I DVR everything.  I want to skip the ads.  If they want me to watch them, they need to make them entertaining and less loud……and SHORTER.

      My dad once told me when I was a kid that commercials are louder on purpose, to get your attention.  But it has the opposite effect on me.  I ignore them.



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