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started by CathieU, November 10, 2018
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      Why, when someone asks a question here, no one ever answers.   Some of these questions are really good and I’d like to hear the answers myself.  Doesn’t any one read them or is it that no one knows?

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      Cathie, I’ve wondered myself. Some of the questions do beg answers from anyone who knows. Lots of them I’d like to hear, too. I hope there are people reading these things and those with the knowledge to give answers to those who ask the questions.

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      I have the same problem. I will post a question and no one will answer it.

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      It probably has to do with the popularity of the website. weloveweather.tv is around the 800,000th most popular website according to traffic information companies.

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      Maybe the Weather Channel should promote it more, but there does seem to be quite a few members here but not much participation.


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      I made the assumption that this site was sponsored (and looked-at) by someone at The Weather Channel. Maybe I’ve been wrong.

      I guess we’re supposed to do our own research and answer each others’ questions.

      O.K. I can do that. Go ahead, ask away….You should be warned that I have a tendency to make it all up as I go along and the last weather seminar I attended was at Fort Lewis as a Girl Scout in 1962.

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