Tuesday, Dec. 18 South West Michigan – Frosty But No Snow

started by AmazedHuman, December 18, 2018
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    Our snow has pretty much vanished and none in sight for awhile. However, it’s so chilly this morning that frost is everywhere. Anyone with a car parked outside is a guaranteed time of scraping the windows before taking off today. Thank goodness there is no wind. It feels cold enough as it is, if there was wind it would be truly miserable. Friday there is a chance of a frozen mix and maybe some snow shower on Sunday, but until then it’s all good for those our running around trying to wrap up Christmas.

    Currently 18 with a S wind of 2 mph. Feels like 18 degrees. Dew Point 18, Humidity 100%, Barometer 30.10 & rising, Visibility 9 mi., Sunrise 8:08 am, Sunset 5:08 pm. Sunny today with a high of 37. S winds 5 -10 mph.

    Mostly clear overnight, low 30. SSW winds 5 – 10 mph,


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    Actually “so chilly” is NOT required for heavy frost formation  Frost in the winter months is more dependent on absolute humidity; and the temperature need only fall a few degrees below the melting point.   While you got frost I got brief snow pellets overnight.  A precipitation more indicative of late winter / Spring than mid Dec.   A “harsh” winter is forecast here.  I have my doubts!  The climate has changed!

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