Tuesday, Aug. 27-South West Michigan-Hoping Winter Forecast Is Dead Wrong

started by AmazedHuman, August 27, 2019
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      The rain previously forecast for today has been removed – vanished into where ever erroneous forecasts go – and for now there is nothing in store for our area but sun and clouds, no precipitation, for what looks to be the next week and a half. Good enough

      Did read the ‘winter forecast’ for this coming season and it scares the heck out of me. Bitter cold, too much snow. Sounds like a nightmare winter on the way and I can only hope that this long range forecast isn’t any more accurate than our latest short term forecast. If it turns out to be right, I’m planning on hibernation mode big time. Frankly, we had a lousy spring, a similar summer and to have a wicked winter take aim at us certainly seems like overkill.  Not a happy camper.

      Currently 67 with an average wind of WSW winds of 8 mph. Feels like 67 degrees. Dew Point 66, Humidity 96%, Barometer 29.74 & rising, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 7:00 am, Sunset 8:25 pm.  Partly cloudy with a high of 77 degrees. WSW winds 10 -10 mph.

      Partly cloudy with a slight chance of rain. Low 58. WSW winds 10 -15 mph.



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      I’ve found that most long range forecasts are wrong.


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