Tuesday, Aug. 11-SW Michigan-Storm Chases Away Heat And Humidity

started by AmazedHuman, August 11, 2020
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      A ferocious storm raced from the West with derecho winds causing plenty of damage  last night. None I see here, it seemed to have weakened somewhat as it crossed Lake Michigan and most of the ferocity went to the south of us. The sky looked fierce more to the south of us and the wind never did get crazy here as it roared on to the East. I guess we lucked out again. The high humidity and oppressive heat of yesterday evening seemed to have fled with the storm. Thankfully.  Looks to be heating up again later this week with again more storms at the ready to cool it back down. Hopefully, nothing on the scale of what took place yesterday. Rain and thunderstorms are one thing, Derecho winds are quite another. Once had property that was decimated by those winds. Turned a park-like yard into one with nearly every tree either downed or damaged. Never want to see that again and I feel for everyone who had to face it yesterday.

      Currently 75 with an average wind from the S of 1 mph. Feels like 75. Dew Point 56, Barometer 29.96, Humidity 52%, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 6:44 am, Sunset 8:49 pm.

      Sunny with a high in the lower 80s. NW winds 5 -15 mph.

      Clear night skies. Low in the mid 50s. W winds around 10- mph becoming SW overnight.


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