Traerse City Michigan Weather

started by TeganFarrell, May 17, 2019
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      Hi im Tegan Farrelll The high todays weather will be clouds Decresing throughout the day with a High of 55 Degrees with a East wind at 7MPH with gusts to 12MPH tonight the low will be 41 Degrees with a little Rain possibe  with a SE wind of 5MPH with gusts to 10MPH  Have a great day i will post  all next week!

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      Anyone else find these posts funny?

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        Well, kvanbel, I’m wondering what you mean…find these posts funny? Aren’t you interested in the weather in different places? The thoughts of folks from those areas? Some of us are…but then, I guess it takes the sort of person not so much interested in themselves but in others and their circumstances to think this way. Sorry for you, dude.

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        There appear to be a lot of misspellings and claims to make threads every day or every week but they show up at random. Tegan may only be 10 or less years old, and in which case, that’s great, but he or she could also be being silly.

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