Too Many Towing and Trucking Shows and Reruns

started by AWNHD, April 27, 2019
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      I am getting tired of turning on the weather channel everyday and seeing shows about trucks or towing. THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE WEATHER!!!!!! If you wanna entertain us with shows, bring storm stories or twist of fate back. You are showing these shows way too much. Also, bring the Local on the 8’s back to normal and figure out a way to put weather at the bottom of the screen for the national feed. You are a weather news network. NOT AN ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK!!!! I feel like you put tv shows and ads first sometimes when we need you the most.

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      I agree.  I hate the seemingly endless reruns of shows like “Highway to Hell”.  This is one of the reasons I stopped watching it regularly.

      I gave up on the LOT8’s.  There’s many threads on that topic, with hundreds of replies.  I get better local weather from my local CBS affiliate, for example.  I live in a big city and we have “microclimates”.  But all they give the forecast for is the stupid airport.  I’m more than 10 miles from it, and I never go anywhere.

      I could care less what the conditions are at the airport.

      But temps vary as much as 20 degrees between the coast and the deserts.




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