Thursday, march 14-South West Michigan-Waiting For The Rain

started by AmazedHuman, March 14, 2019
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    Watching, this morning one of my favorites critters, a small black squirrel, do his ‘spy’ routine. I put the unsalted nuts and seeds out there & the critters all come running. All but this little guy. He starts – always – way off in the distance, and sneaks from tree to tree to shrub…pausing at every one to take a look ahead to see if…I don’t know…the coast is somehow his idea of clear? At any rate, it takes him so long to approach the kitchen area, he’s lucky to get anything left. Every single day. He’s a hoot.

    Waiting for the rain to start this afternoon along with some wind. There is a wind advisory in effect until late today. I imagine this is part of Winter Storm Ulmer who is raising havoc across the country with a vengeance. I reckon we’re lucky to be only getting what is coming our way.

    Currently 53 with a SSE wind of 15 mph making it feel like 49 degrees. Dew Point 50, Barometer 29.56 & falling, Humidity 87%, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 7:56 am, Sunset 7:47 pm. Partly cloudy to cloudy with an 80% chance of rain. Some thunder possible. High 61. S winds 15 – 25 mph.

    Cloudy with a 60% chance of rain. Thunder possible. Low 38. SW winds 15 – 25 mph with gusts to 40 possible.


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