They should make TWC a digital channel

started by Emoticon, June 3, 2019
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      There are many reasons why, but I’m going to go through 3

      1. You shouldn’t have to pay for reliable weather. TWC is cable exclusive and people probably only watch that channel for weather and some other channels only to get a $300 bill from Comcast.
      2. your LF provider (I live in MA so it’s channel 4/7/25) could have outage or very weak signal and there could be a tornado out there swirling through your house and your phone is dead and or have no time to get weather app and you might be screwed if you don’t get ready and caught up
      3. your LF could be inaccurate and TWC could be your best option                        if anyone reads this and agrees with me, comment on this and give me another reason why
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      These are good points and I definitely see the usefulness of having TWC as a terrestrial station, however that would require TWC rebuild the entire infrastructure they built for themselves, and that comes with a hefty price tag.

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