The weather should go back when the local on the 8a where 8 mins

started by JoeyJet625, May 23, 2018
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    the weather channel was better with the bar with text on the bottom and the weather channel logo. It’s also better showing the local on the 8s every 8 mins too the whole one. Please consider going back to the old update and bring these things back no one likes the new update for the weather channel

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    Yes, I agree. With the previous “Local on the 8s”, you could hear it come on because you recognized the background music and you could see it from across the room.  Now, I can’t see that little bitty print on the right and bottom that gives no weather news except the time the sun comes up and goes down – which they had removed from the old Local on the 8s a few years back – and temps from other locales other than my own.  I often stayed on the channel after going to the Local on the 8s to listen to Jim Cantore and Stefanie Abrams banter back and forth.  Now, I don’t even turn it on when the 8s come on.  Too bad.  You guys have a real way of making changes that don’t work for us, the viewers.  Maybe it works for commercials, face time for meteorologists or whatever, but it’s not good for the viewer.

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      Cantore / Abrams banter is largely meaningless.  On several occasions Abrams tried to upstage Cantore.  As for more frequent local forecasts, I agree.

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    Multiple threads have been started with this change. I hope this gets the Weather Channel’s attention.

    BTW, it’s actually every 10 minutes (:08, :18, :28, etc.)

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      Don’t like the change!  Will be watching my local channel.

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    I miss the old LOT8s, especially the longer one with the almanac and the smooth jazz! It was perfect from the late 90s to the early 2000s. I wish they could have two channels, a Classic TWC and the modern one. That way, everyone would be happy. I just miss hearing the forecast every 10 minutes, which I haven’t gotten for a long time since I have Fios. I thought about changing to a new provider to get TWC, but hearing about these changes just makes it not worth it for me :/

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    Yes! Please change the Local on the 8s back. It’s been over a year and nothing has been done.

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    They don’t plan to change back, but I’ll keep echoing the same sentiment. New change is awful, it’s not the Local on the 8s channel, it’s The Weather Channel. A Local on the 8s is not a logo to be on at all times, it should be the full-screen forecast that the viewer can depend on every :08, :18, etc.

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    BTW I canceled my cable service.  It goes against my principle to pay for tv

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    Leaving the weather channel.

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    Turned on TWC this morning to find it like this.

    I’ve also noticed they aren’t even doing any local on the 8’s at all. Not even in one on the side.

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      As mentioned in another thread, unfortunately yesterday TWC was hit with malware and that brought the network to a grinding halt early yesterday morning. They’re currently working on restoring what they can, but as of now they are running on limited resources.

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      That’s sad. Who would do such a thing to The Weather Channel. Especially on a day like this with the severe weather? Did the attack take the IntelliSTAR units down to?

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      It is back now, but not like the “old days” which I’ve long given up on.  I get more “LOCAL” details and info from my local CBS station for example.

      And even the cable company’s local news channel has a better local forecast, with more info too like an allergy forecast which I need.  I live in a big city, so we have “micro climates” which you’d think that TWC, of all people, would cover those.


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    Fine, if you do not listen to our complaints, and will not change this horrible new ‘non-local on the 8s’ set up, then this is all I ask :

    Keep the local weather map on the bottom hand screen, 24 hours a day.

    There is nothing more important than seeing the radar, especially during rain or snow storms. Telling us only what the temperature is during a big storm, does nothing for us.

    Keeping the map on all the time, you can still show all of your commercial shows and weather coverage. Please consider this, otherwise, there will truly be no reason to watch your channel anymore. I can just stick my head out the window and accomplish getting the same information your channel currently provides, unless you keep that local map on, all the time.

    Please consider this idea.

    Thank you……….

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