The storms I saw this summer!

started by TheStormWhisperer, November 30, 2018
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    • Hey all, I hope you enjoyed your warm season, we’re starting to get enough snow I can’t be in denial about winter anymore! I hope we get a real snow, here that means feet.

      Anyway, wanted to share a few cool weather moments from my summer:

      My friend Gabe took me Spotting this summer so I had some free hands to take photos. I realize with glare from the windshield, while moving, at a high zoom it’s not the greatest set of photos, and we weren’t able to get over the ridge, but after talking to someone at my local NWS Office we concurred the funnel quite likely touched down, but we can’t confirm it for certain, but here are two of the lower elevations on the velocity sweeps:

      We based the time on the camera’s time stamp. That was May 14th, over a week before Reed Timmer officially confirmed the state’s first tornado. On Father’s Day I found a little spin up under a meso myself, I saw a cell to my East after I had lunch with my Dad:

      Later in the summer my dashcam caught the moment a tow truck carrying a UPS truck that was supposedly witnessed being thrown 9-10 feet in the air was passing the opposite direction; it was confirmed to have been hit by a tornado:

      And I watched this backbuilding mesocyclone stretch a nearby scud cloud and form a debris cloud beneath itself, I was probably wayyy too close, I mosty saw dust, a weird and green and aqua color, and something starting to spin tighter where it was all meeting:

      I knew what I was seeing, I decided to leave lol

      Anyway, I hope you all got the weather you wanted, and hopefully the cold season you want too!


    • Wow, those pics are amazing! Thanks for sharing!


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