The Sad Decline of our Beloved Weather Channel

started by harlanhall, June 22, 2019
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    Back in the 80’s and 90’s you could turn on TWC and see weather 24/7. Local weather on the 8’s. They even had aviation weather in the 80’s. Now, you’ll most likely see documentaries on tow trucks, wilderness survival or the weather on Mars. Last night severe storms were rolling through the Mid-South. The Weather Channel was showing a hurricane from 20 years ago. This morning another severe storm threat: TWC is showing food safety and activities at some kid’s camp. Yes, I have an iPhone but it’s not the same as watching a real meteorologist giving the forecast in real time on my tv. Some will say the documentaries are interesting. They can be but that’s not the point. I’m one who does a lot of outdoor work. Planning depends on knowing the weather. People who depend on the right forecast usually spend a lot of money on things. That should be enough to satisfy most advertisers. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way but TWC seems to ignore our feelings.

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    It does seem that TWC ignores us, and some say it’s always been this way. I’m sure they’re taking this feedback into consideration but it probably won’t be until the big cable/satellite providers drop TWC that we will see change. We were promised change with the return to DirecTV bit never got it. Oh well.

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    Not only is TWC declining, their website is too! – WTF is this? – Can’t you just say the city name? – Just say the city name.

    The Weather Channel is fucking up their website.

    If they continue to fuck their website up, I will never use their website again. I used to after this dumbass LOT8s change.

    Fuck The Weather Channel.

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    The Weather Channel, please listen to us! The Local on the 8s needs to go back to its old style, as shown here:

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    Ok this thread has become a hot steaming pile of garbage. Good work everyone!

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      Where has all the nasty, foul language come from? And why? I’m thinking there are people on this site now are best suited to be playing in an alley someplace. Ye Gods, people. Keep it civil. Keep it clean. Or go post someplace where everyone is delighted a foul mouth

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      We’re just messing around.

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    I had to downgrade my DirecTV package since I retired and the package I have now no longer carries The Weather Channel.  What’s up with that?  Since when has it become a premium channel?  I do have AccuWeather, however, and it seems pretty decent.  I still have the Weather Channel’s app on my phone and I love it..  I really don’t know what everyone is complaining about.  I get most of my weather info online anyway and watched the Weather Channel mostly for their other programming.  I also liked watching when there was a significant weather event happening somewhere but I’m sure that AccuWeather will have that also.

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      AccuWeather is a pretty stale network if you ask me. The on camera meteorologists are just so fake and speak like actors playing news anchors in a movie. Their programming is pretty watered down, doesn’t have smooth transitions between segments and always is centered around the northeast. Their coverage of severe weather is also lacking and is pretty sad. Overall, the AccuWeather network is just a sad ripoff of The Weather Channel + WeatherNation.

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      Well, reading all of the complaints here, I’m not sure that is true, luesjo12.

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      The only complaints I have with TWC are the Local on the 8s and not enough severe weather coverage. I find nothing wrong with the talent on TWC. The talent on TWC doesn’t lack charisma and they certainly don’t sound like drones.


      Forgot to add: While TWC has at least two full screen local forecasts, AccuWeather has no such segment dedicated to your forecast.

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      I tend to agree, Cathie. I’m not as fond of a few of the newer on-air meteorologists these days – I guess I’ve already made that known – but I still find myself addicted to TWC. I tune it out when there is someone on I think below previous standards, but I always return. And personally, I enjoy the programs that show us how folks have to cope with extreme weather here and there. I’m thinking they generally are doing a pretty good job. And Cathie, I couldn’t sign up for a TV package without The Weather Channel included. Just wouldn’t do it. I don’t watch any of the so-called prime time garbage offered these days – sleaze, trash – and I won’t pay for premium movie  channels, which is such a waste of money, but I will always have to insist on TWC as well as Nat. Geo, History, Travel, etc. Are you sure you can’t get them to include that channel?

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    Alright my nigga, let’s stop. We can hope TWC will listen to our feedback.

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